Golden Gate Bridge

All I knew about San Francisco before visiting earlier this year was that it’s hilly, Herbie caused mischief, the Golden Gate Bridge, Chinatown, it’s foggy and the fog horns mostly from movies and TV shows.

We wanted to get to Baker Beach which has the best photographic views of the bridge around sunset and got thick January fog instead. That didn’t stop people from still visiting the bridge, running or cycling. It perhaps was the best time to visit to hear infamous fog horns. Horns I recognised immediately thanks to countless movies and TV shows. It was oddly comforting to hear them. There’s even a number you can call up to listen to them! 

Path along top of Baker Beach

Old bunkers at Baker Beach

Please excuse the ISO noise. It was my first time shooting in thick fog.

Golden Gate Bridge! While it’s red, its name’s taken from the strait it crosses, the Golden Gate. It’s red colour, is the primer used to deliver the steel initially to protect against corrosive elements. It was meant to be temporary but as it blended in the landscape and was visible for boats and aeroplanes it stayed.

South bound tolls from the bridge’s exhibit explaining why it was constructed, the resistance against it, how the fog horns work, how it sways with earthquakes. In addition to driving across it, you can walk or cycle across. 

Finally seeing it in daylight

Have you visited or planning to see the Golden Gate? It’s an amazing beautiful engineering design that’s almost a city itself.


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