Beauty Finds: Makeup Sponges: Beautyblender vs Fenty Beauty vs Tarte Cosmetics

The battle of a few cruelty free makeup sponges!

I’m in no way a full face of makeup girl. I use a makeup sponge to apply BB cream or tinted moisturiser and concealer. Just like all the products I use I try to make sure all the beauty tools I use are also from cruelty free, clean ingredient, vegan if possible brands. I know the last 2 aren’t always possible with cosmetics. I also try to go for the lesser plastic packaging brand to help keep my plastic consumption down. I know I could use my fingers to apply products, it’s best I don’t. Brushes I find I don’t get a smooth blended finish and I’m there all day trying to get it streakless.


I’d been using a Beautyblender for a few years until last year I started not being happy with it and wanting change. I’m not sure if they changed the formula or me using a different product it wasn’t working the same as before. I use makeup sponges damp and leave to air dry. The last 2 Beautyblenders I used weren’t air drying as quickly. I know that towards the end of a foundation or BB cream it doesn’t apply as well but this was happening mid way through a tube with regular cleaning of the sponge. Usually I could get 3 months use out of one until it needs replacing as it seems damp all the time product doesn’t apply as good. I noticed it needed replacing after 2 months. I also noticed as it wasn’t drying as quickly it got faint dark spots I wasn’t sure if were mould or part of the sponge. Also the first few washes so much pink dye came out! Imagine what that dye does to your face and the water system. It also seemed to eat/absorb a lot of product taking forever to wash out. 

Here you can see the fade after about a month of weekly cleaning

As for application I can’t remember. It was okay but I never liked that I couldn’t always get a smooth finish for undereye coverage. Two other reasons why I wanted to switch were it was getting more expensive in Sephora and the packaging for the original pink version went on steroids. Would I buy again, probably no now I know there are others out there. €14.95

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Precision Makeup Sponge

I wanted to try Fenty Beauty Precision Makeup Sponge for one for two reasons. The price, about €2 cheaper than Beautyblender, it has lesser plastic packaging and I was intrigued by its flat side and top. Would it make a different? Yes! It makes applying and blending or tapping product so much easier! 

The flatter side and top

The only plastic aside from the sponge are its plastic bag and tamper stickers. Everything else is cardboard. Despite its beige colour (is that natural latex or beauty sponge colour?) it did fade cleaning. I usually use a mild shampoo to clean my brushes and makeup sponges. Rinsing out the shampoo is easier than with a Beautyblender but still takes a long time for the water to run shampoo foam free. It has a more moist texture (perhaps as it’s latex free) than a Beautyblender with the flat side and top making it easier to get in under the eye and a smoother finish due to more even tapping. Would I repurchase? Yes, if I can’t find a better one. Fenty Beauty $16 msbeauty €11.95

Fading after a month of cleaning. The yellow spots I’m not sure what the are. I think they’re a natural ‘defect’ as I remember some when I opened the packet.

Tarte High-Performance Naturals Foundcealer Mulit-Tasking Sponge

Tarte Cosmetic’s Foundcealer multi-tasking sponge is a hybrid of a Beautyblender and Fenty Beauty’s Precision Makeup sponge. It has a pointy bit at the bottom for blending which I never use and 2 flat sides which I find easier to work with. The 2 flat sides make the sponge easier to hold, dab, tap and blend thanks to the thinner edge/top around the nose and under the eyes unlike Fenty’s flatter top. It’s texture is more Fenty and it doesn’t eat as much product as the other two. Rising out is easier, I’m not there all day waiting for the water to run clean under the tap. The water doesn’t run purple but it will fade like the other two after a month or 2 of weekly cleans. It blends beautifully for a flawless finish. Packaging is a mixed of cardboard and plastic. Like the other 2 it needs replacing after about 3 months when it starts not to dry out as quickly or apply as good. 

The thinner top and half diamond shape make it easier for me to apply product, blend, even out etc.

Fading after 1 month of cleaning and how much it expands damp. Apologies for the BB cream marks!

Would I buy again? For sure! On Sephora discount days as it’s the most expensive €19.55 (while I’m trying to avoid stockpiling products I did get a few on holiday in the USA where they were a lot cheaper than in Spain. Ultra $16 tartecosmetics $16/€13.80). 

Nectan Silicone Animal Makeup Sponge Case

One thing I did appreciate about Beautyblender’s packaging is that the packaging doubles as storage. Whether it’s like an egg cup to hold the sponge while it’s damp or as a travel container when it’s dry. Most make up sponges don’t come with this packaging in mind. While shopping on yesstyle to make up a few euros to qualify for free shipping, this cute makeup sponge holder popped it. Not only is it cute, it works, allowing sponges to air dry, keep them clean in drawers or travelling from too much damage. The bottom doubles up as a brush cleaner although I use a Brush Egg. If you get one, don’t forget to wash it with when cleaning the rest of your brushes and sponges to avoid bacteria build up.  yesstyle €6.60

Have you tried any of these makeup sponges or found cheaper dupes? Please share in the comments below! My next makeup sponge to try is Colourpop’s Blending Sponge. It’s half the price $7 having an ergonomic design mix of Tarte’s and Fenty’s. It’ll be interesting to see if it works as well, as maybe the price is in the name, or in the design, material etc.

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