Recycle Less: International Box Day

This coming Sunday, the 19th of June is International Box Day! 

Yes, I use international holidays for post inspiration. There’s no shame in it, especially when high street (I think in American English the equivalent is something like main street shopping or mall shopping) shopping’s in decline and online shopping is becoming the number one way to shop. While I order online I’m kinda old skool shopping. I like shopping, I like looking and feeling clothes, smelling and trying cosmetics before I buy them. Clothes more so. Once I like a skincare product I’ll order it online as that’s usually only where I can get it. Vitamins, bras, birthday and Christmas presents to the UK I order online. Everything else I can get local or just go without. For food I like to look in person. Many brick and mortar retailers offer online sales and free returns in store, it’s just easier for me to shop 5 minutes down the road than wait a few days for delivery. Not to mention there’s more emissions involved with online order delivery and more waste. 

Shops have enough waste. For every piece of item on display just like when it arrives in a box ordered online is wrapped individually in plastic! I understand it’s to protect the item inside but please! I get so annoyed when I order items that still come with polystyrene packing cubes or pellets. Why?! I can’t reuse them and they just go into the recycle container to be recycled if they ever do.

Cardboard boxes, I can repurpose and reuse! Below are just few uses giving boxes an extra life. All they need sometimes is a wipe down to remove any dirt and they’re good to go. If you want to really make them feel clean, wipe down and air in the sun for a while:

Nice boxes can be cleaned and styled KonMari style into organisers for clothes, jewellery, stationery, trinkets, keepsakes, anything organisational. Shoes boxes and the jewellery box before the jewellery box are great for this. 

If I fits I sits. Cat logic for boxes! So many boxes can be cat forts, cat beds (great in the summer to help them cool and in the winter with a blanket to keep them warm), chew boxes, scratching boxes. Cats logic and imagination for boxes is endless.

Recycle Boxes. Boxes can be used as a recycle box to store paper, cardboard, plastics for recycling. Once the box is full, take it out for recycling.

Kids Forts. Just like with cats, large boxes can be kids forts, boats, cars, endless imagination. 

If you’re moving, keep as many boxes as possible. Boxes can be easily collapsed for storage while stowing them away before use.

Good quality cardboard can be reused for hand drawn gift cards, tags, postcards etc. 

Lined with a plastic bag, they can become easy recycle planters! 

If you love crafts, the uses are endless! DIY spools, crochet circles, backing, anything

Collapsed cardboard boxes make great mess/spill catchers when painting. 

They can become a paint palette for any kind or painting. 

Or can become the canvas.

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Boxes can help shovel snow too

With a little work they can become coasters. 

Cut out cardboard can fix wonky table and chairs.

Become sliders for furniture. 

Even furniture itself. 

Torn strips can help with title grouting, wedges etc.

Corrugated cardboard cut up can be used as fitness sliders on carpet.

Cereal boxes with decorative fabric or paper can be cut to hold files or books. 

With a little imagination of triangles, cardboard boxes can become a shoe rack.

Wine boxes with dividers can become other types of bottle and can storage. 

Corrugated cardboard can become heart shaped shelves, or even cat scratchers! 

Boxes can be reused as gift boxes with a little wrapping paper or non at all! 

They can become a pinhole camera or a projector screen.

Boxes aren’t for shipping, receiving goods and recycled. With a bit of imagination, thinking outside the box (hehehe) they can be repurposed, upcycled many times before they are recycled. Save some trees, save a box! 

Happy International Box Day!

Thank you for stopping by 😃

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