April 2022. The Sunny Month Part 2

To be honest I can’t remember much about the second half of April. My excuse, my photo stream stopped loading to my mac from my phone. It did save photos from Instagram stories and nothing else. Looking back on my phone I didn’t compared to normal take as many photos. I did however on my Fujifilm XT20.

Trees started to get dressed

The second half of April wasn’t as sunny, however the flowers made up for it. I saw my first ducklings of the season and Firea de Abril was held for the first time in 2 years so I knew most covid19 restrictions were lifted. Wearing masks inside stopped after Easter Monday. Aside from wearing them in health centres, pharmacies and on public transport, life has returned to how it was pre covid. I think most people have forgotten it ever happened. Scars are still there, I get random flashbacks every now and then of should I be wearing a mask leaving the house, in the lift?, Is the park open past 20.00? It’s amazing how humans adapt.

Flamingos at Barcelona Zoo started nesting.

Starling post bath.

The light started to change

I ignored that inner voice saying don’t machine wash my winter coat. Being polyester stuffing it all bunched up in balls and the coat lost its shine.

The zoo at the weekends was open longer. I took advantage to visit the exhibits I usually pass. I know I go to the zoo a lot. Probably too much. It’s my sanctuary in the city. I’m a member so it works out something like 30c a visit the amount of times I go. They don’t make any money from me!

Seagull and April’s Pink moon

First ducklings of the season! I’m bad at fast shutter speed.

More pan please.

Goslings nearly all grown up.

Cute wallaby

In the El Born and city centre you can still see the old horse and carriage one way traffic signs

Hidden archways and demolished pisos remnants in El Barrio Gotic

Over Easter I planted lots of seedling! Kale, rocket, radish, lettuce. Only the kale and radish grew.

Feria de Abril de Catalunya. In the 60’s and 70’s a lot of Andalusians moved to Catalunya for work. They brought with them their traditions, one being the Feria de Abril. Different to the one in Seville it’s more different villages have marquee to met up in traditional Andalusian dress. In addition there are some South American marques too. I took a walk round but the smell of roasting pigs was too much for this vegan. All I could smell was death.

April’s sunrises were colourful. I like this one however as it’s moody.

Baby prairie dogs were born at the zoo! Cuteness overload!

By the end of April the days were noticeably longer. The countdown to being in the water was on!

Next catch up will be May. My birthday month!

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