Weekend Friday Favourites

Welcome to another Weekend Friday Favourites of things that have caught my eye or made me smile this week! 

How’s your weekend going? I hope it’s a good one!

Ducks and Geese

The signs say no feeding the birds. Loads of people ignore them 🙋‍♀️. I go a few times a week and I’m sure they’re getting to know me. They know I have the good bread! At the moment the boating lake’s drained for maintenance, the ducks and geese are in the smaller fountain pond which isn’t big enough for them. I don’t like so much feeding them there as it attracts too much attention, there’s not enough space for everyone (people) and it be honest I don’t like the vibe there. However I feel bad if I don’t feed them like they know she hasn’t been! I always try to throw more at the underdogs. Recently there’s been one goose that will come up beside me for pan. I haven’t got the courage to hand feed them like some as their beaks look like serrated razors. I’m not sure if it’s the same one, but other geese will chase it away so you know I’m feeding that one more. A few ducks too, if all the ducks are at the boating lake want snacks will get out the water if not too many people are around for pan.

Beach Clean Up Payment: Shells

Since September last year I’ve been participating in beach clean ups. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, but never knew how to get involved*. A local group, Project Save World put up a poster for World Clean Up Day and I’ve been going ever since once a week for an hour. It’s amazing what you find: wet wipes, zip ties, drink cans, clothes, fishing equipment, cigarette butts, sweet/candy wrappers, toys, an X-ray, my least favourite polystyrene that breaks into cry-able impossible to pick up little balls that fly away into the wind, the list goes one. If there’s been storm in a week it can take forever to collect as much as possible. I fill at least one 30L rubbish/trash bag in an hour.

Aside from getting to be outside by the sea, sometimes amongst the pebbles and sand I find treasure. The beach I go to in the summer has completely different shells to this one 2km away which fascinates me. Some are too beautiful to leave which leads to a house full of shells which is getting a problem😬

 *If I run on the beaches I pick up plastic but I don’t always run the beaches. Sometimes I don’t leave enough time to run so can’t run the beaches as all I’d do is pick up litter. Sometimes I just want to run so avoid the beaches otherwise I start picking up pieces.

Primark Collapsible Crates

I know plastic from a girl who wants to use less plastic! A while back in Primark I saw recycled plastic collapsible crates for €4, which I thought would be perfect for when I tidy up under the kitchen sink. Bonus they came up at the cash desk at €3.50! 

I’ve had to go back to get more as they’re coming up great in other cupboards as I sort out (I’m trying to sort out and declutter the house. It’s a loooong progress). I haven’t been ordering online much so I don’t have cardboard boxes to replace old cardboard boxes. I have now a little supply in dusty pink and light lilac for the rest of the kitchen cupboards. They were what the price tag said €4. Which is still a bargain as I’ve seen other places selling them for €13 plus! On a side note I didn’t know Primark had such a large Home department! The 3 I’ve been into in Barcelona the Home department doesn’t include furniture.


If I’m up time, watching the sun rise a big ball of bright pink over the sea makes me happy.

Internet Finds 

Dmitry Kokh photographs polar bears occupying an abandoned Russian weather station. Design Boom

Koalas: Australia lists marsupial as endangered species. BBC News

Inside Chicano Culture. Peter Santenello, YouTube

The suburbs are bleeding American Dry. Climate Town, YouTube

Have a great week ahead! 

What’s been making you smile or caught your eye this week? Please share in the comments below! 

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