Weekend Friday Favourites

Weekend Friday Favourites, when Friday Favourites happen at the weekend.  A round up of things that have been making me smile this week, or this week, the past 2 weeks.

I hope you’re having a great weekend! I’m hoping to be able to have a little bit of a sort out this weekend, hang out with the cats, a sun siesta, a trip to the 20th Fira i Mercat de la Terra (Earth fair and market) and of course gym time and maybe a long run. I haven’t been feeling my runs for a few weeks. Maybe I need a few new running routes, a new play list. Not even new trainers are helping! Anyways, Friday’s run view and straight into this weeks favourites!

Fridays windy run view and stadium step sprints. Friday Run View. Small jetty Barcelona


I’ve been using the Furminator to brush the boys for years and they love it. Now they’re changing coats from winter to summer, unless you use one you won’t believe how much hair it removes. The boys especially this time of year love it, as it gets right in and removes a lot more hair than regular pet/cat brushes. Hair at times can make us irritable and you can feel the cats mood change as you brush them. Both boys photos were taken 2 days apart. They shed that much, that’s how much it brushes out!

Diesel who can only be brushed on his chaise lounge scratcher. He chews pieces off as you brush him.

Diesel and the fulminator

Aj and the Furminator. This boy loves being brushed and will purr away.Aj and the Fulminator

H&M Running TopH&M 2015 Running top

Finally a short sleeved running top that doesn’t feel like it’s suffocating me thanks to the bow neck line. Major sports brands in Europe have for a long time, think very few women exercise. Go into any sports store and the women selection is in a tiny corner. High Street shops are filling in the gap, with affordable, gym wear (functional wise can be debated). H&M Sport wear collection I’ve liked for a few years, especially their running shorts and this past winter and summer season they’ve expanded the line. Leggings, however, the fabric still feels has a slimy feel, so it’s Lululemon’s for now. Though I have just placed my first Fabletics order and am more than excited with anticipation for that parcel! I really would like to break Lululemon’s hold as I haven’t been that impressed with their quality this year.

Stradivarius BraceletStradivarius Bracelet

I’m a little older than Stradivarius’s target age group, but if you look hard enough there are some gems to be found, like this summer mix bracelet. You could say it’s Spain’s answer to Forver21, though nothing is like Forever21. There’s one in Barcelona, a little way out and I’m the one that always gets given a shopping basket. I feel a trip coming on!

Tuesday Reverse SunsetApril, Tuesday Reverse Sunset

It’s now just light at 9pm. Summer’s coming!

Double LifeCorreos Via Laietana, film location, Barcelona

My favourite correos/post office at the end of Via Laietana had a little extra glamour this week, doubling as a film location. Inside is equally as glamorous as it reminds me of Grand Central Station with a touch of Harry Potter. It still retains the original ceiling murals and glass ceiling.

Dumbbell Haloshalos-e1420840021226

For some reason swinging a weight around your head can be fun. A sandbag’s better, but sometimes you just have to make do. This is one of my favourite moves mainly targeting the upper body (arms, shoulders, back, core) and leaves you feeling less hunched over, knowing you’ve worked your back. It’s a great, fun, functional move (think putting on a coat, jumper, etc).

Increased Marine Sanctuary’s 

2 marine sanctuary’s have been given to the go head to be expanded of the coast of California. These sites will be permanently off limits to off shore drilling.

David Attenborough, BBC’s Wonderful World

In celebration of April being Earth Month and Earth Day this week. Even though natural can be cruel (My thoughts are with those hit by Nepal’s earthquake the weekend) we really do live in a Wonderful World.

What’s been making you smile this week? Have a great weekend!

Sandbag halo image courtesy of Google images.




  1. says:

    I hate workout tees too – I always feel like I’m being choked. I try and find v-necks for that reason. Please post a review of your Fabletics when they arrive – i’ve been stalking that site for a while now but haven’t bought anything yet!

    1. says:

      I will do! I go for tank tops working out or running (winter I add a long sleeved top or jacket). I can breath in them! High neck lines choke me too. I can’t even wear necklaces for that reason!

  2. says:

    How was the earth fair? I didn’t know h&m had running tops. They’re probably a good price too. Thanks for the sandbag routine. I’m going to try it once I’m done with the 5 by 5.

    1. says:

      🙂 H&M’s sport line is cheap. €9.99 for shorts and the pink top €15 I think. The most expensive item I think was their lightweight, wind and rain resistant running jacket, €39.99. It had thumb holes and I did need a new one!

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