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I’m the nincompoop who selected Apple’s new photo library option update thinking it was asking how do you want upload new photos, not thinking it’s the iCloud storage option. I’ve changed the preferences but it’s a nightmare importing photos from the old iPhoto library. There’s no space! There was enough space on the old system, so where’s the space gone?

I hope you had a great weekend! Mine was filled with last minute wedding outfit shopping and wedding present hunting (time’s running out. Ideas please!), the gym, hanging out with the cats, making new cat friends and a sort out not in the way I imagined.

Sunday run viewSunday Run View

The new cat friends I met on Sundays 15km run. Perfect running conditions. 18 degrees C and fog.  I stopped for a run view photo and initially didn’t see them as they blended in with the plants and rocks. When I released they were cats, I had to say hello and a few came over to say hello back. Yes, I wanted to take them all back! However they’re feral and looked after. I noticed a few PVC drain shelters and while I was saying hello, giving ear rubs, a lady came over with food and water. Turns out it’s a ‘protectora’ or shelter and once a day someone comes to check on them. I’m a little worried how close they are to the sea as basically they live on the sea defence rocks. Animals have more sense than humans, so I’m sure when the sea’s rough they move else where. New Friends! New Friends

Sunday afternoon, I took a trip to Barcelona’s 20th Earth fair. Every year around the last weekend in April it’s held in Parc Ciutadella. It’s split into 2 parts: A farmers type market, take way food stalls and an exhibition ‘hall’ (yoga, animal shelters, reiki, nutrition etc). It does get a little too ‘hippy’ for me. I’m a vegan, but I believe in shampoo. I got some local honey, donated to all local animal shelters, rather than the larger animal charity stands as I know they need donations. Many of them operate on little funds and I’d far rather donate than buy something they’ve had to buy to sell. Oh, and I got my energy cleansed Mexican, Mayan, copal tree resin style! I kept returning to the stall and thought go for it, there’s a reason I’m drawn it it. My energy’s all over the place at the best of times and decided it’s no different to going to the osteopath or yoga. Barcelona 20th Earth Market and Fair

Doggie for adoption!Barcelona 20th Earth Market and Fair

I’ve never seen a non Youtube dog wheel chair and this guy was zipping around. His booties are too cute!Barcelona 20th Earth Market and Fair

An idea for you RachaelBarcelona 20th Earth market and fair

Holding a piece of copal (tree resin), I set an intention and placed it in the copa to be burnt. Taking deep yoga breaths, the resin as it burnt was wafted around me. Initially I felt a little silly. It does attract a crowd. I watched 2 people ahead of me have their energy cleansed. Finally with my back to the doctor/shamen, some chanting, a tingly feeling between my shoulder blades y esta. I’m not sure where the energy block was as from a Google search later they tell you (they have the same chakras as in yoga). He did, but my Spanish isn’t that good. I walked away feeling like a weight had been lifted. I still feel taller, less hunched and my shoulders feel free a few days later. It’s sounds a little crazy, but that’s how it feels. The shamen when I left gave me some resin and instructions on how to use it. I don’t think they hand it out to everybody. Maybe my energy needs a lot of cleansing!Barcelona 20th Earth market and Fair

I called my Mum later to tell her all about it, she said earlier that day she had an encounter with tree resin. She has a new sewing craft shed in the garden (my Dad has a motorbike shed. My family’s a little odd) made with half treated pine. She walked in and noticed on her desk, a gold bead. Closer inspection, pine resin.

Have you ever had your energy cleansed? Do you like the new Apple photo system? Cat person or dog person? I’d love to have a dog, but I’m not sure the cats will like it!


  1. says:

    What a fun looking festival! I like your cat “friends” lol 🙂

    1. says:

      I wanted to take them all back 😃

  2. says:

    I always look forward to your beautiful pictures on IG. I need some gorgeous views like that – but I live in a busy part of NJ — not the greatest views. I mean, there are parts in NJ where you’re like, “Todo, I don’t think we’re in NJ anymore” but nothing like your pics. AMAZING stuff.

    and THANKS for that DIY. That really does look neat! I think I will have to save this for a rainy day!!! You know I love this kind of stuff. 🙂

    1. says:

      I know you do! I saw them and immediately thought of you! Happy you like my photos. Views are all around to be seen! You live in the U.S. You have CVS, Macy’s, Target, Wholefoods, shall I go on? Weekends are for road trips, load the car with kids, say next week family and go off and explore! Even if just for a day! I know it’s hard to break the routine. I like my routine, but once I’m outside, routine can wait a mo! Hope everyone is feeling better this week!

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    Dog Person.. i got the new Android phone from Verizon because it was offering $100 headphone for $10. I was set up, not unlike your Iphone. The pictures in the camera are huge. IF they are able to be sent to an email they are 3MB. With two small kids These things guzzle the data. Video’s? forget it. it takes about 10 minutes to send a 20 second video. And there are NO SETTINGS for the camera on the phone so I can’t adjust it. Phew! Sorry, you struck a nerve with photos and capacity. 🙂 Nice pics, nice run!

    1. says:

      Oh my! Now I know why Apple works for everything across the board! It sounds a nightmare! And I guess your stuck with a contract which makes it worse!

      1. says:

        Not only stuck with the contract but had to UP it due to the usage in Data with the huge pixel pics. They got me! I saved $60 on the headphones while they make an extra $20 / month on my new plan… Thanks for listening Nat. ..sorry to go on that rant… Have a great weekend…

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