Happy Cats And A Happy Nat

I can’t believe how time is flying. This time last week we were in London and it only seems like yesterday we got back. When you’re a little kid time moves soooo slowly and you can’t wait to grow up. When you’re all (ahem) grown up, you wanna slow down time!

Monday we came back home to happy cats. Cats do miss people! Lots of hugs for the next few days!IMG_1103 IMG_1137

Straight back to the routine Tuesday with work and a good morning workout. Slightly in that holiday fog I have when I get back from being away, my afternoon bike ride vista didn’t have it’s normal wow factor. It was also a day of two seasons. Warm and spring like in the day and as soon as the sun set, cold and damp.


10km run Wednesday morning. I set off early and still past the tandem road cyclist group at more or less the same spot! I had issues with my right adductor/groin at 7km and it was tricky getting up the stairs! Lots of stretching helped ease the ache. I also tried new my Lululemon Karma long sleeve top under my winter running jacket. I was nice and toasty and didn’t overheat! At the end of my run the herons were out sunning themselves, while watching sailing school.

Nice in the evening for last minute Christmas shopping for the presents to make the post in time. Amazon solved the rest of the presents we couldn’t get! Rolls of wrapping paper meant the obligatory sword fight. I won!IMG_1151IMG_1154Any South of France readers, if you see this lady, please contact her humans.

Thursday workout was a good energising total body workout. I wanted to push hard, however the ankle and knee were playing up for the first time ages, so had to scale back intensity slightly. Maybe it was that sword fight!IMG_1170

My circuit consisted of 3 rounds with 15-20 second rest for transition time in-between sets:

Resistance Band Squat to High Pulls x 10

Medicine Ball Cross Over Press-Ups x 10

Resistance Band Lunge with Low Row x 10 each side

Bunny Hops x 30 seconds

Single Arm Dumbbell Push Press x 10 each side

Single Leg Deadlift with Fly x 10 each side

Plank to Sumo Squats x 30 seconds

I followed this with a plank abs based circuit. A good metabolism booster for the day!

The evening was spent surrounded with wrapping paper while watching kids Christmas movies: Snow Globe and Santa Baby 2. Gotta get in the Christmas spirit!

Friday started with a quick chilly but sunny 5km run before seeing the Osteopath. Good news from the Osteo. He’s ‘happily surprised’ at my progress. The achilles is stronger and overall strength, stability and flexibility is up in the feet. I’m happy as I’ve been doing my own rehabilitation and I didn’t have a clue how to go about it initially! Good nutritious food from Paul has also helped.IMG_1187

In the afternoon we went to Cannes to put me on the car insurance (we’ve hired a car for the winter as sometimes you’re a sitting ice block on a motorbike during winter months) and for me to drive back. I haven’t driven much in Europe as there’s no real need to. Add to this the French in the South of France are notoriously bad drivers (they don’t bother looking, just pull out, happily hit other cars while parking without batting an eyelid!) I haven’t always wanted to drive. I followed Paul home on his bike and I was happy to be behind the wheel again! Toot Toot, Beep Beep!

Off the vets as soon as we got back for Aj’s allergies/eye problems. He’s back on eye drops and may have to see an eye specialist vet as one of his lower eye lids rolls in. This might be causing his eye to weep or it could be a secondary problem. Time will tell after his course of antibiotics. D went a long for the ride so they had someone to moan at! The vet paid a nice compliment saying Aj’s a nice cat for letting her check him out. Both boys are well behaved at the vets and are quite good with medicine at home. The only problem is after a few days, they sense it’s coming and hide!

We watched the night before I Am and it struck a chord. The news proved even more of a crazy world we live in. Some are struggling to keep warm in a worst storm in years while fleeing fighting and others are getting out of jail time for ‘afflunenza’. Slapped in the middle of this Jade Rabbit a new rover lands on the Moon!

We’re off to get our Christmas Tree this weekend. It’s definitely beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Have a great weekend!

I need a little help on project I have in the works. What are your favourite TV shows where girls get to be the action queen?! If you celebrate Christmas, have you done all your Christmas shopping?

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