White Palms Beach and Almond Milk

The beach looked a little different when I sneaked out (sneaked out? Who I’m kidding, I just went!) for a study break this afternoon. Part of it had been turned into White Palms Beach, complete with a beach shop called Sharkies ( I cycled through the set when we were allowed to pass for a nose). They even had their own White Palms beach information sign covering the usual beach information sign!

A fun legs (quads) and shoulder circuit this morning. I incorporated a few 2badbodies moves and boy are my shoulders are talking to me! Breakfast was the usual, porridge/oatmeal, almond milk and berries. It used to be Greek yoghurt until earlier this year when I finally quit dairy. Since making the switch and changing to almond milk, I haven’t had has many bloated tummy issues.IMG_4023

It quite hard to find one that hasn’t got added sugar in here, so this weekend I made my very first batch of almond milk! It’s surprisingly easy to make:

Soak 1 cup of almonds in water for several hours (I left mine overnight)

Place the almonds in a blender with 2 cups water

Blend until completely liquid and strain milk through a muslim cloth. The leftover pulp you can keep for almond meal or flour. Allow the pulp to dry completely (dehydrate) and store in an air tight container or store in the freezer

Store in the fridge for a few days in an air tight containerIMG_0470Do you drink cows milk or a nut milk? Giving up dairy was the hardest part about going 100% plant based/vegan. Regular cows milk I haven’t drunk for about 12 years but cheese and yoghurts were the hardest to phase out. I’d cut it down to just Greek yoghurt last year but once I made the switch my tummy and energy thanked me!