Le Freak

Monday it was for a Christmas Tree.IMG_1281

Saturday we finally found one in a pot. In France they chop the roots off and stick it in a piece of wood. The poor one we got last year didn’t last a day before it started shedding its needles. Not even daily water spritzers helped!

Paul went for a motorbike ride with friends Saturday so I pretty much had the whole day to myself to potter around. I had a good workout once the Osteopath’s 24hr no exercise ban lifted with less intensity than of late. I’ve learnt not to go 100% of my current level a few days after seeing him. The sun was shining and I had umph to get things done. So much mojo I didn’t get a bike ride in the lovely sunshine! Instead a moonlight ride around the castle instead (yes I did have lights for the road). It was kinda weird seeing my moon shadow.IMG_1201

The port has also got in the festive mood!

After I got back we went tree shopping. Yeah! Hidden out the back in Carrefours Christmas tree tent were little ones in pots. Perfect. They were a little pricer, but we knew they last longer and who knows maybe we’ll have a permeant Sapin the balcony. We got to the cash desk 10 minutes before closing to be told he’s closed the till. Eh?! People were still coming in looking for trees! We reserved our tree for Sunday, though never got a chance to collect it. To my surprise it was still reserved Monday when Paul picked it up on the way back from work. Hence no weekend adventures Monday as I was busy decorating it!IMG_6161

Sunday began with an unusually warm 6.5km run. My right adductor and groin played up again. The Osteo thinks it was a one time thing (no) and I’m due to see a new podiatrist this week, so maybe it’s the insoles. I’m getting a little fed up with all my aliment complaints at the moment. One improves, one gets worse. I think I should put myself in for an all over service check! IMG_1226In the afternoon we went to see the Hunger Games Catching Fire. The only cinema that was showing it in English was in Monaco! The irony of this wasn’t lost on me. Going to see a rebellion against the ruling classes in one of the richest countries in the world surrounded by rich kids! I’m looking forward to part 3 next year.

The sun was setting when we entered Monaco.IMG_1247

The only different this year in the trees outside the casino was that they don’t change colour!

The Christmas Market last year featured Santas from around the world and each Santa had a village decked out Hawaiian, Under the Sea, Arabian, Far Eastern etc themes. This year, I think they ran out of ideas and crossed dressed Alice in Wonderland with Disney. Freaky! The food village was more traditional.

We took lots of water, but a migraine hit coming back. I think all the cleaning smells triggered it. Monaco has to been on of the cleanest countries I ever visited. Nothing is out of place. Paul made (earlier in the week), butternut squash and coconut milk soup (my favourite) and a delicious salad that I was falling asleep eating! If he wasn’t there, I would have gone straight to bed. I’ve learnt that when migraines hit, to try have water and something fresh to eat, 5 – 10 minutes yoga (downward dogs, pigeon and child poses to ease the pressure), avoid strong smells and bright lights and go to bed in a cool room.IMG_1253

Monday I woke bright and early! Migraine remedy worked (okay and that morning cup of coffee chased with a glass of water when I felt it starting again!)!

Do the Christmas lights in your area change every year or remain the same? What’s your go to remedy for when headaches attack?!

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