London, Bill Burr and Victoria’s Secret

Three days just isn’t enough in London. We lived there for three years and realised that we didn’t see all that it has to see! Going back as a tourist you see it with different eyes.IMG_1030

Way back in July this year when Bill Burr announced he was touring Europe, there was no doubt we were going. Paul’s been following his podcast for a few years and I started listening to him this year (Girls, if you want to know why guys do things the way they do, he’s the guy to listen to). He played the Saturday at the Forum, Kentish Town. Our cheeks and abs hurt so much from laughing! Check out his free Monday Morning Podcast every Monday to start the week off with a smile!

We landed late Thursday at Luton Airport and within 40 minutes already in a supermarket! Marks and Spencers, for ready made salads, instant porridge, fruit and yoghurt for breakfast. We knew the hotel had a fridge and at £12 per person, breakfast is expensive when you just have cereal or toast!

Friday started with a chilly 6.5km run around Battersea Park. One of my favourite London Parks that I only discovered last year when we visited. Every time I run or walk around it there’s something different. Squirrels, a Buddha statue, a Zoo, cherry blossom in the spring, autumn leaves to be jumped in, a hidden English Garden, ducks, herons, swans to a boating lake and more. The craze for tropical bedding plants in Europe started in its Sub Tropical Garden.

Even the pigeons at Marble Arch were feeling the cold!

The rest of the day was spent in Oxford Street, New Bond Street and Regent Street. Victoria’s Secret has only just arrived in Europe this year, so I had to go. It was light when I went in and dark when I came out. My pink stripy bag soon brightened up the dark! I was a little disappointed with the quality of their workout clothes having heard how great they are on Tone It Up. I had fun, though there should be a seating area for guys. They’re not even allowed to sit in the chairs in the changing room waiting area! Oh and we checked out another supermarket, WholeFoods! Always in supermarkets when we travel.

Saturday I took full advantage of the hotel gym having it all to myself over looking Battersea Power Station. Then it was off to Lululemon’s Covent Garden show room for leggings and long sleeved running tops. I found out that there’s now an European site, but it’s fun to try them on and to do that all important squat test! Normally I stock up while on holiday in America, but we haven’t been for a few years. (Note, we did go to places Paul wanted to see!)

On the way to Covent Garden we past the Houses of Parliament and realised that the whole time we lived in London, we never went to see to them. No idea why, we just didn’t. After a cup of coffee we walked down through Trafalgar Square, down The Mile, past Downing Street to Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. Westminster Abbey was closed but the outside is just as impressive. We walked back along The Thames to the hotel to get ready to see Billy Boy. An hour later we got back, thinking it would only be a 30 minute walk back! Whose idea was that?! Mine.

Sunday we ran around a busy Battersea Park. Before heading out to lunch, we stopped of at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home for Christmas cards and to make a donation. They do amazing work looking after and rehousing unwanted London dogs and cats. Our hotel room overlooked their dog runs. Lots of wagging tails to be seen!

Lunch was at a raw restaurant, Saf in High Street Kensington. Don’t bother. If you’re a vegan visiting London, just go to WholeFoods and eat there. We tried a few vegan/raw places and weren’t impressed!

Equally not impressed with the Sunflowers at the National Art Gallery! I realised afterwards that the gallery/museum I wanted to see was the British Museum. I went in college and remember its grand square and entrance and wanted to see it again. Next time! We never got around to going when we lived there as we were working too hard!

We caught the tube to Hyde Park to see Winter Wonderland. Sat opposite us was Raymond Blanc all dressed up happily talking to other passengers! Paul played it cool as he does and just whispered in my ear, ‘do you know who that is?!’

Winter Wonderland was a cross between an European Christmas market and a British seaside amusement park. If you go, take lots water and patience, dodge the drunks and watch your bags!

Travelling early Monday meant no workout, though a 18kg suitcase lugged up five (make that ten as there’s two flights per floor) flights of stairs counts in my book. That’s what I train for!

Are there places where you lived that you wish you’d seen more off?


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