February 2022. The Long Short Month. The Second Half

The second half of February I used my mobile camera more than my camera. I’m not sure why. Maybe my camera was buried in my bag, maybe I didn’t want to seem like tourist. 

Sunrise seagull commute

Maybe I didn’t think the shot was worth my camera. I do that a lot only to later regret why I didn’t take it with my camera. My phone is just easier. Sometimes I can’t be bothered to get out my camera. Behind every photo however is a story. Be it basic as a reminder to go somewhere, a reference for later out shopping, evidence, the light, the scenery you wanted to capture forever. Even though most of the second half of February’s photos are from my mobile which in my eyes I can tell straight away they’re not as good, they have tales to tell. 

I have a thing for birds as they make me laugh and are free to do, come and go as they please
Sunbathing in the winter sun. Western Lowland Gorilla Barcelona Zoo
Seagull snacks

There are parts of Barcelona even now and then I re explore only to be reminded why I don’t go there very often. Maremàgnum Centro Comercial is one of them. A mall in Port Vell, that’s always had a weird vibe to it. Sadly this time when I went about 1/3 of the shops had closed down. I have always though liked walking around wharf side. One of my favourite views of Barcelona is the row of buildings along Passeig de Colom looking from the port.

Some of the buildings along Passeig de Colom. The one with the 2 towers is the most fanciest post office in all the lands! Correos Via Laietana. The inside has frescos and a huge glass dome roof!

Every year the boating lake in Parc de la Ciutadella gets drained for maintenance. Last year someone released goldfish in the lake. You could see them flashing orange feeding the ducks. The seagulls as the boating lake drained, were going crazy fighting mid air for fish. I think more goldfish died out of shock being dropped multiple times than being eaten. Some the gulls, black headed gulls I think were amazing divers. They jumped a little in the air to dive head first into the water only for the larger gulls to steal the fish.

The ducks and geese moved to the smaller foundation. I personally don’t like that part of the park. Way to touristy for me and I felt more conscious feeding the ducks. Plus the water smells slightly of chorine and bleach. I don’t feed the ducks every day. Only when I have left over bread that I know I’m not going to eat before it gets stale.

Some of the geese started individually coming up for snacks! How could I say no to the underdog the other geese shoo away?!

I had a doctors visit to an area I’ve never been to before. Once you get out the main city centre of Barcelona you notice all the old different villages that make up the city by their different architecture. For me it’s like visiting a different town. Checking Google Maps how to get there I noticed that one of my saved places to go was close by. A small city garden that the reviews hyped up more than the place. Still a little oasis within the city. Also on the way back was Entropia a stationery store my friend recently started working at! She’d been sharing on Instagram Entropia’s reels so I had to stop by. So many cute Japanese, Spanish and Korean brands notebooks, pens, stickers, diaries, postcards, everything you need for bullet journalling (not my thing), scrapbooking (not my thing!). I picked up a few cute notebooks. It’s a store where you can easily spend more than you intended to.

Faculty of Medicine. This building takes up a whole block.

Cycling in I noticed at the top of Passeig de Gracia a loud procession. Cycling back hitting the end of Passeig de Gracia I caught up with it. I’ve no idea what was happening except traditional Bolivian dance, costumes and all ages dancing! Some groups had live music, others speakers out the back of a van. You could tell by costume which groups were traditionally from the mountains to those from more urban areas of Bolivia. Some headdresses reminded me of conquistador helmets. The biggest thing I noticed, everybody participating had big smiles the whole time!

The first signs of spring!

Cattle Crane
Snow Moon
Random entry lobby down/up Rambla de Catalunya depending on which direction you’re walking in
Plaça Nova
Shells found beach cleaning
Different morning, different seagull commute

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The first half of the long short month here.

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