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I’ve been on a plastic free, recycle less journey for about 2 years and whenever I come across plastic free alternatives I’m always happy to share them here.

While food packaging remains my number 1 plastic frenemy, it’s getting easier to find plastic free alternatives for a whole host of other items now more companies are either cashing in on the plastic free market or by companies launched as they were unable to find plastic free alternatives. Amazon is also becoming the place to find plastic free alternatives. In this blog post I’m sharing few of my recent finds. For previous Recycle Less posts please click on the Recycle Less page above. 

Stainless Steel Copper Plated Measuring Cups

While my previous plastic measuring scoops were okay, sometimes like my Mum says if you see it get it. One handle broke years ago, P never really liked them being the chef he is preferring measuring cups. This is also one of those a why didn’t I think of it before finds. Sometimes you can’t see to connect the dots. Chatting with an assistant in Anthropologie we got onto using less plastic and she mentioned their metal measuring cups were in the sale. Measuring cups weren’t something I was looking to replace or thought of looking for cooper measuring cups when they did need replacing. I’d only seen previously plastic or porcelain ones which trust me, porcelain wouldn’t last one week with me. All sanity left my brain as even in the sale they were expensive. They were on sale! I ended up returning them when sanity returned saying check out Amazon where I found these (I’m also glad I did as the metal Anthropology cups set my teeth off. If you’ve ever wore braces you know that sensation!). These are also a lot cheaper. €14.80 plus shipping.

They’re easier to use than the scoops. I still have the other scoops minus one for when a recipe calls for more. One review said parts of the cooper has started to stain which is has, but they’re easy to recycle if they ever break. They came individually wrapped in plastic joined together with a cooper ring. I get this is so they didn’t scratch in transit, but paper packaging would have been fine. 

Stainless Steal Copper Plated Measuring Spoons

Again the current plastic measuring spoons are fine. These came as a set with the measuring cups and as I knew some point the plastic ones might eventually need replacing I went for the set. These work great and it’s great to have 2 sets of measuring spoons. I’m not a measure everything out before you start girl. I’ll pull out the ingredients beforehand, however often I need clean 1/2tbsp for bicarb soda and it’s in the sink from agave syrup! They too came individually plastic wrapped attached to a copper ring. I find it easier to use them minus the ring. All measuring spoons are a small old jam jar that makes it easy to find the one I need. 

The Body Shop Cactus Scrub Mitt


I’ve been using konjac body sponges for a few years and really like using them. They’re biodegradable, from a renewable source, last about 2-3 months and keep your skin nice and soft without irritating it (always moisturise after a bath or showering! Your skin will thank you!). Unfortunately they come wrapped in plastic. Usually more plastic than’s needed. I’ve yet to try this exfoliating mitt/sponge, but I’m hoping it’ll be a good alternative. Only plastic, the tag! I initially thought the inside of the sponge/scrub was plastic however on inspection it’s all cactus fibre filled.

The price tag is steep for a sponge, €11! However all sponges are hand made in Mezquital Valley in Mexico via Community Fair Trade. The tag attached explained that for many of the 220 women involved in making the cactus scrub the Body Shop’s trade provides a vital source of income and new found independence. I’m happy to pay extra! I’ll let you know how it is with removing body sunscreen as that can be a bugger even with soap to remove sometimes. 

Tevra Corn Dental Floss

The lid has a hole feeding the thread and hook for tearing the floss.

This is another product I’ve yet to try, but wanted to share as I’ve been looking for a non silk, non plastic/nylon floss without any plastic packaging that ships to Spain for about 2 years. Whenever I’ve been shopping on Amazon I’ve always checked the zero waste floss situation. Many have been silk, however being vegan I don’t want to use silk! As more companies are looking to catch onto the zero waste, no plastic market or can’t find alternatives make their own, it’s getting easier to find products. Reviews were spilt as some said the Tevra corn/maize derived floss broke easily, others said it worked fine. I’m just hoping the mint and ginger flavour isn’t too strong. The floss is coated with candellla wax and is about 30 metres long. Being made from corn/maize it’s biodegradable coming from a renewable source. It’s also vegan, cruelty free and around €6-7 with 60 metres refills from €7-8! I’m guessing that’s for 2 spools of floss.

EcoEgg Reusable Bamboo Towels

These were another Amazon find while shopping for the laundry EcoEgg last year. Made by the same company I thought they’d be a better option than microfibre ‘kitchen roll/paper towels’ I was using. They were okay however being microfibre, 1; they were plastic derived, 2; they get kinda scratchy and less soft after a few months. These are 100% bamboo viscose, a great renewable source. Only plastic the wrapping.

Each towel can be washed up to 83 times and they do get softer with each wash. The first use, they’re kinda stiff, the 2nd wash you notice a difference and the subsequent washes they get softer and more absorbent! The roll comes with 20 perforated washable towels for €10-11 plus shipping. I currently have about 8 in weekly circulation since February so they’ll last a long time. I use them for everything I would have used kitchen roll or paper towel for and more bar cleaning up cat messes. Cat messes paper towels! They’re great used damp for dusting, cleaning D the cat’s mouth when he’s refused his arthritis medicine, drying cats paws, cleaning mobiles with rubbing alcohol (I know, the alcohol probably damages the screen), cleaning up spills, messes etc. They’re not so great for cleaning mirrors so mirrors I stick to paper towel. They’re machine washable up to 60 degrees, however avoid fabric softener, tumble drying or ironing. They also line dry quickly. 

They shrink, yet thicken and soften after washing!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Have you tried bamboo towels? If you’re a less plastic journey what are you latest finds, tips and ideas? Please share in the comments below!

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