Beauty Finds: Cruelty Free, Reef Friendly, Tried and Tested European Body Sunscreens

I spent all summer long testing out sunscreens. It was hard. Daily beach trips for about an hour, testing out their waterproofness in the sea, running outside and if that doesn’t make me a good candidate for testing them, I burn within an hour. Making me perhaps one of the best candidates 😉

There are 2 types of sunscreen. Chemical where the skin absorbs the chemicals that stop your skin burning and physical or mineral sunscreens which reflect the sun rays. Physical sunscreens are considered to be more reef friendly as they’re less likely to contain toxic ingredients that kill reefs and marine life. Reef’s are vital part in our ecosystems. They protect coastlines from damaging effects from waves, storms, floods, provide habitat and shelter for marine life, assist in carbon and nitrogen fixing, provide nitrogen and other nutrients for marine food chained amongst others. I dip in the sea almost daily during the summer, I didn’t want to be part of the reef killing sunscreens anymore. Physical sunscreens are typically made from Continue reading “Beauty Finds: Cruelty Free, Reef Friendly, Tried and Tested European Body Sunscreens”

February and March Beauty Finds

Beauty Finds is back! 

As always I have 3 requirements when it comes to cosmetics and skin care. 1, No animal testing. While animal testing on cosmetics is banned in the European Union, India, New Zealand, South Korea (by 2018), Taiwan (by 2019) and Switzerland, many other countries it still goes Continue reading “February and March Beauty Finds”

December Beauty Finds

I’m going to add the KonMari Method, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying to Beauty Finds. I know I’ve been mentioning this book a lot recently and you’re probably sick of hearing about it, but natjtan is kinda a diary, what I’m up to. Decluttering is what I’m up to at the moment. I’m taking advantage of the lull this week to get more into it.

Yesterday I decided before I cleaning the bathrooms to sort out all the skincare and cosmetic products. I had a big throw out in the summer and thought it’d only take 1/2 hour. I finished about 4 hours later including cleaning the bathrooms! As usual I forgot to take before photos until 1/2 way through. Below’s the finished result. Organising the products took the longest. One big jigsaw puzzle. It wasn’t until just before I was leaving I spied the Macbook Pro boxes that everything fitted and I felt I could breath! At the end of this post are the 1/2 way photos to get some sort of idea how much there was in those drawers!KonMari Method Declutter Skincare and Make UpKonMari Method Declutter Skincare and Make UpKonMari Method Declutter Skincare and Make UpKonMari Method Declutter Skincare and Make UpKonMari Method Declutter Skincare and Make Up

KonMari Method Declutter Skincare and Make Up

Anyways, December Beauty Finds. I have 3 requirements when it comes to skincare and cosmetics products. No animal testing and as natural as possible. No parabens, petrochemicals, SLS etc or any animals ingredients aside from honey and bees wax (I eat honey!) I’m aware off. It’s easier with skincare, cosmetics I go with what I can. My skin’s a combination of oily and dry happiest with less ingredients, more natural the better.

Life Flow Pure Rose Hip Oil OilLife Flo Rose Hip OilI first discovered rose hip oil in a now discontinued Burts Bees serum. Being the main ingredient, I loved how it made my skin feel. Thanks to being filled of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids, vitamins A, B-carotene, C, E and lycopene, it has the ability to sink into deeper layers of the skin helping reduce fine lines, wrinkles, dry skin, eczema, environmental damage and improve the appearance of scars. The perfect serum right! After years of trying out different serums (some with rose hip oil that never worked the same as the Burts Bee one), I rediscovered rose hip oil this summer by chance, though the oil was clear, not the rich amber colour it’s meant to be. iherb. came to the rescue and this has been my go to night serum ever since. My skin still loves it! Recently I’ve started using it as a night eye cream and have noticed under my eyes looking less like crepe paper the next day. Nothing can help the smile, laughter lines, but I swear they’ve softened them out until I smile! Compared to many fancier serums that have done nothing it’s relatively inexpensive, €5.08 plus shipping for 30ml.

Tony Moly Peach Hand CreamTony Moly peach hand cream

A Miin Cosmetic find that takes me to summer with it’s peach and apricot scent. It’s a great hand cream that so far has help hold back eczema I usually get on my hands this time of year (Instead eczema’s popped up recently on my neck. Nothing’s getting rid of it at the moment) thanks to being loaded with shea butter. It unfortunately loses points for containing parabens which I didn’t realise at the time of purchase. If you’re not bothered by parabens, it’s a great the scent of summer heavy working hand cream! Plus it comes in a cute pot!Tony Moly peach hand cream

Sierra Bees Organic Lip BalmsSierra Bee's organic lip balms

I love these! Made from mostly organic ingredients the vanilla, pomegranate and cocoa butter flavours scents are just right. They’re also the perfect consistency of not too greasy and not too drying they clog on application and provide lots of hydration. The price’s also nice, €3.04 for 3 plus shipping!

Nature Republic Super Aqua Max Soft Peeling GelNature Republic max soft peeling gel

I use an amazing cleaner, Everyday Coconut Face Wash. Rarely is there any residue on the cotton pad after toning. This however takes cleansing to the next level! I swear after using this I’m a shade lighter, it’s removed that much gunk my cleanser can’t get to. Packed with marine plants it gently exfoliates and removes impurities and unclogs pores while you massage it in for 1-2 minutes (I use it twice a week) while it does it’s thing. The girls in Miin (a Korean cosmetic store in Barcelona) said Nature Republic doesn’t test on animals. Tying to Google if they do’s a minefield. The scent’s quite strong (I say it’s masculine scent, P say’s no it’s a girlie scent!) but it’s grown on me.

1/2 way skincare and cosmetic product sort out. The pink basket is full of old products. Please excuse the dirty towels, bathroom cleaning day. Under the bathroom sink now looks a treat!KonMari Method Declutter Skincare and Make UpKonMari Method Declutter Skincare and Make Up

What’s your favourite skincare product at the moment? Favourite inexpensive serum?



August Beauty Finds: Beach Essentials

As Summer’s transitioning into Autumn, this was probably more appropriate last month. However there a still good few beach days left and sun protection is an all round year thing, not just for the summer!Beach Skin Care Essentials

As with all my skincare and make up products, I have just 2 requirements. No animal testing and as natural, crap free as possible (no SLS, parabens, etc). With make up the last 1 can be tricky, so I opt for what I can. My skin’s oily/combination, hair oily roots, dry ends and my skin loves thick body lotions. Playa Barceloneta

Beach Skin Care Essentials 

Coola Organic Classic Suncream, Face SPF 30, Cucumber MoisturizerCoola Classic Sunscreen Face Cucumber

For someone who doesn’t like cucumber, this accident buy last year I ended up loving. I use to use the unscented version until one day it was out of stock, I was running out and thought, just try it. I’m glad I did as I prefer it to the original. I still get the odd spot and nasty cyst spot, but it hasn’t made me break out. I hardly get any freckles and touch wood, I’ve never been sunburnt on my face using this! I’m not confident to go sans foundation and wear a BB cream or CC cream with SPF 25 in addition. I’ve tried a few foundations since wearing this and again no freckles or sunburn!

I can get from a few European sites, but like most of my skin care, I get it from iherb as it works out cheaper and faster (if it gets through customs)!

Boots Soltan Dry Touch Suncare Lotion SPF 50

Boots Soltan Dry Touch Suncare Lotion

If money was no issue, I’d slap on Coola’s body sunscreens like there’s not tomorrow. You hardly notice you’re wearing them. Unfortunately of the amount I get through, it’s just not economic, so I have to go with what I can get. This one is the next best thing to Coola. Not tested on animals, not organic like Coola, it doesn’t feel like you’re wrapped in cling film wearing it. It’s scent is barely there and it’s always on offer 1/2 price! It’s okay for running but it can run rivers a bit. Sand resistant, ha! I’ve been burnt twice this year on my shoulders, but that was due to my rucksack on and off and not reapplying. I haven’t been burnt (touch wood) yet using this otherwise!

Tone It Up Beach Babe Lip BalmsTone it Up Beach Babe Lip Balms

I really hope these aren’t in their sale to be discontinued. I flirt with other SPF lip balms and always come back to these. Yummy flavours you could eat, they don’t have that usual tacky SPF lip balm feel. Despite their size, they last for ages!

Sephora, 3 in 1 Perfecting Base CoatSephora, 3 in 1 Perfecting Base Coat

Essential if you paint your nails to protect them from polish and sunscreen! This one is makes the colour last a little longer.

Coconut OilCoconut Oil

I apply this overnight to wet hair to help condition and put back moisture in the ends from the sea, sweat and suncream. It’s also a great moisturiser and eye makeup remover. But then, I love just about anything coconut!

Tangle Teezer Compact StylerTangle Teezer

Expensive, €16 from Sephora, but it’s been a beach staple. Unlike most brushes, it’s designed for use on wet and dry hair (always use a wide tooth comb on wet hair!) as well as getting through all the tangles. If I’ve had a dip, I run this through my hair, so it’s a bit more presentable when it dries! It also painlessly tackles bad tangles from the wind!

British design!Tangle TeezerTangle Teezer

Hair Bands/TiesHair Ties

Always an essential! I like these as they don’t snag. I do find they don’t last as long as regular hairbands/ties, but I like the no snag! I usually get them where I can find them, Tiger, H&M Divided, Fabletics.

Beach Cap and SarongBaseball cap and sarong

I’ve only just started wear a hat to the beach (to the beach, not on it. I like sun kissed hair!) A baseball cap, helps keep my hair looking  more presentable from cycling, that beach wave thanks to cycling and the sun out my eyes so I squint/frown less! I do have a straw Fedora but the speed I cycle at, it’ll be gone with the wind in no time! It’s also great at the beach for keeping sun out my eyes when I do wear it on the beach and I get less headaches. I usually drap my t-shirt/tap/top over my face to keep out the sun and sleep. I’m not the only one who does this!

SarongTurtle Sarong

Better than a beach towel! Light weight, folds up small and dries quickly!

Other Essentials, no photo!

Manuka Honey

Sunburn happens to the best of us. Manuka honey with UMF 10-20/MGO 400+ from experience are great for sunburns, thanks to it’s healing properties. I usually apply it straight on the sunburn and leave it on over night.


Essential! Last year I started wear polarized sunglasses and once you’ve tried polarized sunglasses, you never go back to regular sunglasses! My current pair, purple Oakley Frogskins I love (purchased in the summer sales as I couldn’t justify full price). No glare and the sea’s always 2 toned!

K&K/Tone It Up Salt Texture Spray

For the ultimate beach hair! Review here!

Shells: Barcelona Beachesshells

What are your favourite beach and summer skin care essentials?