May 2022 Part 1. Late Spring Glow

I took a little break this month to redesign the site. In hindsight I should have done it before it got hotter as just trying to change font size can take forever. Looking up code to copy and paste as I have no idea how to write it or trying out different plugins. When the outside wasn’t calling as much it would have been easier to work on it. I’m thinking of taking a basic free code course just so I know what to look for when looking for code to copy, as it would be better to have a little understanding of how css language works.

Gibbon Barcelona Zoo. How I feel most days. Just waiting

May would have been the perfect month to do it or the first half at least, however I spent too much time deciding on which hosting site to be with, how everything works. In the end I upgraded to WordPress Pro. I was unsure of migrating everything and sometimes it’s better to stick with what you know. I can learn what I can and when I know what I’m doing can choose elsewhere. The second half of May was so warm this year! It’s always around the 18th May usually a week or so after my birthday the temps go up. This year they were more like late June temps and stuck around. I don’t mind one little bit apart from super humid days where the promise of rain is just a few drops. 

Abstract pond ripples

May was the month I paid a ridiculous amount for shower curtain. My previous 100% cotton shower curtain didn’t survive it’s last wash after about 1.3 years of having it. I couldn’t find another 100% cotton shower curtain so I paid €49.90, yes €50 for a linen shower curtain I’ve already bleached for mould built up. I’ve worked out to reduce bathroom mould in the summer after showering, leave a floor or standing fan blasting the curtain and shower/bath unit until dry. I paid €50 so you don’t have too. The full review’s here

One of my ‘friends’ at Barcelona Zoo is back! I remember having little conversations with one of the Amazonian Parrots. The festive used to come up, say Hola and sit with me while I spoke random stuff to it. I think in 2019 they disappeared. The info sign too. I asked via email what happened and got told they’d sadly died. I think it was part of a customs haul in the 80’s. Earlier this year as usual saying hi to parrots as I always do, one came running up to say hi. They don’t talk whenever I go, instead they stop what they’re doing and come to the front of it’s cage. Yes cage, I know. I swear it’s the same parrot. It has the same claw missing and looks the same albeit a little more haggard. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t regardless I have a new friend. 

Again, I had phone to Mac photo stream issues, so the only mobile photos I have are those saved from Instagram. This year in Parc de la Ciutadella the geese had more babies than the ducks. Most of the gosling’s made it. I think out of all the families, only 4 goslings were lost about 7-8 made it. Now in July they’re all grown up, slightly smaller than the adults and still in the family unit so to speak. 

Barcelona held an architect exhibition throughout the city with interactive exhibits. One of the them I was curious about as I past it so many times cycling while being constructed. It was titled nature and the city or something. I’m not sure how the concept tied in. Walking up the steps you got to feel how it is on construction sites, or event stairs. At the top of the statue (the statue head has been removed, Antonio Lopez (wikipedia in Spanish) who was a major player in the slave trade. Out of respect to those involved the city has removed most monuments of those who played a major roles in the slave trade), the walls were pink perspex giving everything a rose tinted glasses look. 

Kinda cool like 1970’s photography

The sky on the 10th of May looked like nebula clouds 

May’s Waxing Flower moon was out.

A little Barcelona Zoo birthday trip. Where else?! I like the zoo has left parts of the grounds to just be. For a moment it felt like I was walking through a meadow. 

Looking up at the Movistar building in Plaça Catalunya I realised the stained glass windows are in Barça FC colours. 

Perfect camouflaged ringneck parakeet.

Flamingo nesting season began at Barcelona Zoo.

I found out cattle cranes will queue on the railings asking for pan.

More ringneck parakeets.

The prairie dogs had pups at the zoo!

Dawn mountains

Early morning gulls.

How was your May? Please share in the comments below! The second half of May I actually got out the city for a few days! I’ll be sharing in future post.

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    Barcelona looks like a lovely city, I hope I get an opportunity to visit and walk around someday soon!

    1. says:

      It’s a great city to look around in the spring and autumn/fall! There’s something for everyone here!

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