Scatty Nat

School holiday start in 2 weeks and it can’t come soon enough! I’ve been forgetful the past few days, which I’m putting down to tiredness, uncertainty about the next few months and generally running around like a nutter! I need a break or a change!

Thanks to the clocks going forward Sunday, for a few weeks I get to see the sunrise. I’m going to miss watching the sun come up over the sea when we finally leave here. Sunrise’s a great time of the day. There’s chill in the air, birds are getting ready for the day and everything is still quiet, even the sound of someone walking outside can be loud. It’s always peaceful and full of energy. IMG_6831

Yesterday morning D chased sunspots, AJ slept and took pigeon watch, I busted out a new workout. Total body strength circuit, split into alternate upper and lower body. I’ve recently reduced the weight due to some shoulder issues. I’m swear I’m falling apart slowly and I’m not running to the osteopath! A colleague of Paul’s said, once you start seeing one, you can’t stop. If I could go back the future, I would avoid ankle injury as I’m fed up of the knock on effects of it getting better (or worse). It takes over not only my thoughts but general day to day life. No one likes a broken record and that’s how I often feel. I just want to be healed and free from all ankle inducing self doubt thoughts so I can move on. Drama Queen? Yep.IMG_6858 IMG_6931 IMG_6869

Before work, half way down the street grabbing fresh air cycling, I’d realised left my phone at home. Something I never do. I always do that keys, phone, lip balm, purse check thing. Later as I was rushing to get out the door for the bus, I just threw stuff in my bag without looking what when in. Paul picked me up from work and we decide to have a wander around Juan les Pin on the way back. Thanks to my high school nick name Shiny Nose and a lovely girl called, what was it Sharon?, Amy?, I still have a shiny nose complex thing. (just goes to show, you can forget names and faces, but words will always stick). I wanted to touch up the shine before looking around and I couldn’t find my make up bag anywhere in the bag or car. I swore I had it! I called my students’ Mum asking if she’d seen it. No she’s hadn’t. She’s a cool lady and completely understood the whole situation! Guys, yeah, it’s just a make up bag. Add up the cost of the contents and you won’t be laughing! When we got back, I’d left it in the bathroom. In my haste for the bus, I mentally put it in my bag, not physically. To top it of my nose wasn’t even that shiny!

Juan les Pins


My make up bag isn’t anything major to forget, mobile phone yes, especially as I don’t need memorise numbers anymore (I really should) and keys, oh man, that’s my worse nightmare being locked out. The last time, €150 emergency call out as it was at the weekend. It’s amazing how just one thing we always have on us, that if we loose or forget it, feel completely naked and out of sorts without it!

Do you feel naked too without your phone or some essential item on you? Do any childhood names still stick for all the wrong reasons?


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