The Rules Are, There Are No Rules

I broke my own self imposed coffee rules yesterday. 3 coffees and one after 6pm. What a little rebel I am. I like to stick to 2 coffees a day as A, I don’t want my body to be in an acidic state that’s when the bad things happen (diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, osteoporosis, premature ageing to name a few). Our bodies are happier when it’s alkaline. Dark green, leafy green, lots of fresh fruit and veg, whole foods (plants!), keep it that way. Animal products, dairy, coffee, processed sugar and food, excessive exercise can turn our bodies acidic, which is why eating lots of antioxidant rich fresh fruit and veg can help combat the acid and free radicals. You just have to look at young male athletes who don’t follow a plant based diet for a visual check in. They can look 5-10 years older. Moderate exercise helps keeps the body alkaline and extra fruit and veg never hurt anyone! A study called The China Study explains it all in great detail. If you haven’t got time to read that (I’m being fed titbits from Paul as he ploughs his way through), the documentary Forks Over Knives explains it for us laymen. B, coffee after 6pm, I can’t sleep!IMG_3003

Great workout yesterday, total body with a little extra focus on the arms and shoulders. Diesel followed sunspots while AJ spent most the of the morning asleep lounging on blankets. A nice surprise waited for me in the post box as I was leaving for a bike ride. Topshop and Figleaves parcels! New workout tops (aka plain €14 for 2 tanks), bikini bottoms and sports bras! Ladies, if you’re big up top, but small in the band, love sport Panache are worth checking out. No need to double up! They’ve got me through many runs, trail biking, HIIT and regular workouts with hardly any issues bounce. You can choose between regular straps or cross back. The plainer colours ones look great to wear on their own. A big plus when many sports bras for us larger up top girls look frumpy.

A crisp spring sunrise means a mistral’s due later.


Bike ride visitaIMG_6512Paul finished work around the same time as me and picked me up. Usually we go straight home, do the ‘how was your day’, I catch up on the news and start writing, he trains and then it’s dinner time and bed. Repeat next day. For a change we stopped off at Juan les Pin for coffee, catching up on the ‘how was your day’. Does that classify as a date?IMG_6523 IMG_6526 IMG_6529 IMG_6532So, I broke my 2 a day coffee rule. So what. It broke up the monotony. Every now and then it’s good to change the routine and rules. Makes you feel alive, gets you out your comfort zone and try new things. You never know, that 3rd coffee* will still not hold of sleep watching TV. Now I have to re watch that episode of True Detective.

Do you think that eating plants only is the way to go? I’ve been a vegetarian for 14 years and about the last 4 of them nearly vegan. When I do give into crisps, chips and cheese because I’m human, I definitely notice their after effect on my body and it’s digestion. Meat on the other hand, while I can remember it’s taste, I’m proud to say don’t miss it one little bit.

Even though you know what inside a parcel in the mail, do you still get excited opening it?!

*All three coffees added up to less than one tall Starbucks.



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    I totally understand this. I love coffee and I am working at 2 cups or less to keep my acidity down. Its not the caffeine for me I just love the taste.

    1. says:

      Same for me. I love the taste. I could go decaffeinated, but it’s not the same!

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