Weekend Friday Favourites

This week’s been a little slow paced and yet all over the place. A nearly 2 hour visit to a new dental hygienist, being shown how to brush my teeth properly, a routine all over the place, watching the Cabalgata de los Reyos Magos/Kings Parade and weather like Spring. A few days of sunny 20C sandwiched in-between days of cold and wind that’s been non stop for over a week. Hello January!

Anyways, more importantly, the first Weekend Friday Favourites of 2018! Things that have caught my eye or made me smile this week or 2 as I missed last weeks. Feel free to add what’s been making you smile recently or caught your eye in the comments below!

H&M Beanie

I saw this Christmas Eve shopping and was drawn to it as it’s more or less my hair colour. I find find dark beanies too harsh for my colouring and I didn’t want another pink hat. It wasn’t much €7.99 (and I’m a bad vegan. It contains 20% wool and it’s from HM where I’m trying to shop less at. Which I have been the past few months. I’m trying to be more conscious of where I shop for clothes – ethics though H&M and Zara have come a long way) and for an item I didn’t expect to get much wear from I have! It’s keep me warm and the wind out my hair on recent hikes.

Decathlon Head Lamp

After hiking back in Montserrat National Park the dark with only a small torch stashed in my rucksack, when I saw this at Decathlons checkout entice you to buy racks I gave in. Inspired by the 2 hikers with headlamps back in Montserrat who were kind enough to ask if we wanted to hike back with them as they had lights, was my reason. I left it in my rucksack and forgot about only to use on night hikes recently. It’s lightweight, fits my head and it illuminates great. It wasn’t expensive either, about €5. The only con is it takes batteries. I’d have preferred it with a USB charge for less waste. 

H&M Conscious Sweet Lemon Hand Cream

I’m doing great for someone who’s meant to be shopping less in H&M! My excuse it’s eco certified and the packaging’s less plastic. This time of year my hands can be badly chapped with the start of eczema in and out of water if I’m not careful. It many not smell like sweet lemons, but it’s been doing great at moisturising my hands against the cold. It’s a little expensive, €9.99 but nearly all the ingredients are eco, so that’s what you’re paying for. 

Run View One Day Over The Holidays 

Cat Dumplings

I’ve been making the cats ‘nests’ on the bed with blankets and scarves this winter. D, one morning made an igloo or dumpling as he does. His igloo skills aren’t that of his brother’s but he was snug and warm his style. AJ just likes anything that’s not an official cat bed, taking to the ‘nests’ straight away.

Sometimes they even share depending on AJ’s mood.

Peacock Barcelona Zoo

Night Hike Somewhere Deep Inside Parc Collserola

I pretty sure it was 3 x 45 seconds on these in one of my gym circuits that had my upper abs sore for about 4 days. I’m not joking.I was so sore it hurt to laugh and for 2 days sit ups were hard. It’s more or less a burpees variation minus the Crossfit push up. Start in full plank, jumps knees up in the air to your chest as if doing a donkey kick (not a plank jump tuck). Land back in a plank and immediately jump to a low squat with hands either side of feet. Then explode up performing a tuck jump. Landing in a squat, jump back to plank and repeat. It’s a tough but fun cardio resistant move!

Cultural Centre El Borne Christmas Lights

I wasn’t until I put my glasses I realised theses are balloons! Doh! I thought they were big hard balls. Opps. I rarely wear my glasses out, but I needed them so I could actually see the Cabalgata de los Reyos Magos/Kings Parade so for once they were in my bag. Otherwise I’d still be blissfully unaware they’re not balloons. 

Passeig de Gracia Christmas Lights

Star Wars The Last Jedi

I really enjoyed The Last Jedi as my 2017 Christmas Movie! I love in Spain the movies are open Christmas Day and it’s become my tradition to go to the movies either on Christmas Day or Boxing Day. Okay there were some hang on moments, but I really enjoyed it how it didn’t really answer many questions yet at the same time added to the suspense of who actually are Ray’s parents or can anyone be a Jedi and which one will cross to the light or dark force or who can resist the light or dark forces.

Internet Finds (once again mostly BBC. I need a new news site!)

The country that brought its elephants back from the brink. BBC News

Why Guyana’s rainforests are a scientists dream. BBC News

How changing coffee tastes are helping farmers. BBC News

Are tracksuits  and trainers the future of office attire? BBC Capital. Don’t let tracksuits in the title mislead you. It should read sportswear, but that hasn’t got much shock office value. For someone who virtually lives in leggings, this is an interesting read!

Central African Republic: The country where teachers have disappeared. BBC News

The eight day guide to a better digital life. BBC future An insight to how much your phone knows about you and therefore the apps, google etc. It’s scary how much they know!

World’s smallest cat – Big Cats: Preview BBC One. YouTube. I can’t handle the cuteness.

Bird frozen to metal fence rescued by kind man. The Dodo. YouTube

What’s been making you smile recently or caught your eye? Please share in the comments below!

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