Summer Runnin’

One of my favourite things about public holidays are the quieter mornings. Hardly any cars and motos pulling away from the stop sign, yay!

10km run not so yay. My new Asics were great for this route, but I was feeling bluh. I was still sore from Friday, tired and hot. Normally when it’s hot, I try not to get caught up in fast paces and beating times during my morning runs and focus on getting through them. If I slow down and have to walk, no worries. It’s frustrating, but I don’t want injury from over exertion! Evening runs are generally faster and stronger, due to the fact it’s cooler and my muscles are already warm and ready to go. These runs make up for the morning runs. There was quite a bit of wildlife out too…crickets, butterflies, magpies, lizards, swifts/swallows (can never remember which is which!).


After crossing off some to do things that had been staring at me for about two months (always a good feeling when that’s done!), I finally made it to the beach, only for the clouds to come! It was still warm enough to siesta, so that’s exactly what I did!

Mixed up a batch of these healthy bad boys snacks for next week. Tone It Up’s Perfect Fit Chocolate Cake. Cupcake style for portion control (I’m the only person who eats cake in this house, so cupcakes keep longer!)! I subbed Perfect Fit Protein powder with coconut flour and some stevia. Nom, nom, nom…..


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