Ease back to the pose!

Good news…I can tuck my ankle in for seated one leg forward bends (that’s a mouthful!)! For the past two weeks since I tripped running on beach shingle, I’ve been unable to this, upward facing dog, pigeon and ankle to knee pose all with ease (all my favourite yoga poses naturally!). It’ll take some time before I’m able to tuck it into my hip crease again and until now, it’s been quite painful to even start to tuck it in, so this is good news it’s getter better! I’ve just got to remember ease into the stretch rather than force it!

Haven’t been able to do this in a while and it felt so good!

Todays workout was a strength/cardio mix. 3 circuits of four body weight and free weight strength moves sandwiched in between 3 types of 30 seconds bodyweight cardio. You’d pull this face after jump squats, burpees and bunny hops!


This evenings 6km evening run made up for yesterdays slow pace. I hadn’t updated my music in a while and finally put new tracks on, so I think this may have played a big part. Duh! Coming back with all the sail yachts in the bay, I sometimes half expect to see Captain Jack Sparrow to roll up!


My latest mission is to find somewhere that’ll take unwanted clothes. It seems that only English speaking countries have charity shops. Spain only had one chain of charity shop and France…never seen one! I took some items to a few Depot/Vendre shops (50/50 where you donate and get some money on what sells) and nope…not taking in anymore clothes! I had expected this so it wasn’t too much of a surprise, but still, what am I to do with them?! I really don’t want to bin them as they’ve still got some life left! As my Mum said after my dry cleaner finding attempts…They must be millionaires not to want business! I’m hoping a local English company who collects unwanted items from the yachts can help out. Fingers crossed!

I was craving something creamy for dinner, so made a bowl of comfort food! Kidney beans have similar texture to mashed potato when a bit mushy, which is a great British comfort food favourite. Potatoes don’t feature much in this house and I actually prefer the beans to the potatoes. It’s like an alternative vegan Sunday roast! Nom, nom, nom!


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