Balance Me

This little lady was up bright and early this morning in time to catch the sunrise. I’ll miss watching it when we leave!IMG_2998

Bright and early this morning for the doctors. Somehow I’ve set off my sciatica again and loaded with other questions I visited a new doctor. She thinks I’m fine, worry too much and send me off for a spine X-ray tomorrow to be sure and peace of mind. Maybe it’ll help answer other questions (worry too much?!). Sciatica if you’ve ever had it, isn’t fun. It’s a pain in the bum literally. Paul say’s he’s ready to trade me in or find a sports doctor.

It’s interesting how traditional western medicine and holistic medicine differ. One seems to be fix and pump it with drugs or it’ll go away and the other is treat the body as a whole it’s wellness. Our body is like a mini city. Everything has its role: body, mind and spirt. If one is out, it can affect other parts directly or non directly. That’s what I’m learning. I prefer finding a natural way around things. If I know what’s wrong or unbalanced I can work to make it balanced again. Paul had adopted this approach much more recently since he’s been following a plant based diet ((I say vegan, well mostly vegan, we eat Greek yoghurt. Definitely not vegan). I guess it’s more manly for a guy to say plant based diet than I’m a vegan and eat organic foods. It congers up images of strength, not tie dye!). I’ve never really liked taking prescription medicine as I don’t like to use things tested on animals. In this day and age, with what we know, I feel there’s no need to test on animals, but they do. I prefer my skincare and cleaning supplies as toxic free, cruelty free and as natural/organic as possible. Toothpaste is the one item I have difficulty finding though. It’s all trail and error, but I’m getting there!

I would like to point out that A&E and life saving operations and procedures are just that, life saving and is a tough job to do. I may not agree with how it’s learnt, but they save lives.

I felt fine to run this morning and took it easy with 7km. No hills, no sprints and I ended up with a slightly quicker pace than of late. IMG_3008No afternoon classes meant I could have a little wander around Antibes centre ville, a long bike ride, watch the cormorants sunning themselves, hanging out with D and AJ, plan classes and enjoy an energising skin boosting juice: apple, carrot, kiwi and ginger…Everything in balance right?!

Yep. I sometimes run my bike route.IMG_3012 IMG_3020IMG_2991 IMG_2985

Do you listen to your body or ignore it? What’s your view on holistic medicine? Do you think it’s a load of      or think it’s the way medicine should be?


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    I’m only just starting with osteopaths and eating better. Food it seems is where is starts!

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    I have never tried holistic medicine but I certainly wouldn’t be against it! I have heard good things about it.

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