Weekend Friday Favourites

I feel like the kids doing their homework at the last minute again. Another late Weekend Friday Favourites. Anyways, I hope you’re having a great weekend and for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere who don’t like the short daylight hours, the Winter Solstice’s in 2 days. Which means the days start to get longer, even if it’s by a few minutes! Those in the Southern Hemisphere, if your summers are anything like they are here, the days might be getting shorter, but summers only just begun!

Weekend Friday Favourites, things that have been making me smile with week or have caught my eye. Nearly all of them feature animals and wildlife, so why break trend! Advanced warning this week’s heavy on the animals, so without further ado…

Fabletics Fleece HairbandFabletics fleece headband

While it’s not Artic cold here, I’ve been wearing this on my longer runs. 10-14C might not be cold walking, but running hands and ears start to feel the chill. This has been keeping my ears snug and I swear it’s added a little boast to my longer runs without overheating like in a beanie.

Tony Moly Cats Wink Clear Compact In Clear Beige Tony Moly Cat Wink

Another gem find from Miin. This cute powder comes in 2 shades, clear skin and clear beige that’s been keeping my oily skin at bay. I use a kabuki brush instead of the buff that comes with it and it gives almost translucent matte finish (care has to be taken not being heavy handed otherwise it clogs) that doesn’t feel like you’re wearing make up. I won’t lie, the packaging may have swayed me. Extra points for being paraben, mineral oil, talc and a whole hose of nasty product ingredient free. Conflicting reports if Tony Moly tests on animals. Most recent Google entries from Urban Outfitters Europe and Momomango.com says they don’t, but it’s mind field trying to find out if they do. If they do, it’s a pity as the powder’s fantastic. Tony Moly Cat Wink

Pink sunset clouds and the 1st phase of the Full Moon, BarcelonetaMoon and pink clouds

Sunrise over the Mediterranean Sunrise over the sea

I had presents to wrap hence up I was so early! Ha ha, it was the first morning in a while without clouds obscuring the sun.

Friday’s Run ViewFridays run view

Sea like glass with floating ships on the horizon.

TRX Wall Slides TRX Wall slides

A great move working shoulder mobility while strengthening posterior muscles and the core. I’ve been carrying a lot of weight in my rucksack this week and I haven’t worn a ‘proper’ rucksack non food shopping and gym journeys. Instead, I’ve been using a drawstring one which is fine for short trips, but cycling 5 miles to the city centre and back, then 3 miles walking (in miles thanks to Charity Miles App) around the centre my shoulders started talking loudly. It also help opened up a clients chest who’s just recovered from the flu. She went from hunched rounded shoulders to a big smile of relief!

Single Leg L Sit CurlSingle Leg L Sit Curl

A Shape Magazine Gillian Michaels find. Works core, arms, bum, legs, shoulders, everything! I really want to get in to bar calisthenics work and a little free running (I’ve got a long way to go. A long way) and this is helping me support my L Sit Balance longer (the same as the L sit curl, but holding both legs up out in front. Don’t ask me to hold in on fingers alone. Yet.).

Baby sloths learn to climb.

Sadly they lost their mama’s to road accidents or dogs, but Toucan Rescue Ranch in Costa Rica’s helping rehabilitate them to be released into the jungle. There’s no denying baby sloth are one of the cutest baby animals out there.

Oddball Trailer

Based on a true story about a dog Oddball, who protected Fairy penguins from hungry and thrill kill foxes on Middle Island, Australia. It looks like a feel good comedy movie with some tears. Foxes get a bad rap, but it’s not their fault they were introduced to the island (just saying). They’re just doing what foxes do, eating penguins instead of chooks. Luckily it seems everybody wins, the penguins with their security dog personal and the foxes finding their fix elsewhere (nature’s cruel, but that’s how nature goes and you can’t fix it 100%. Okay, this is a rabbit hole, I’m not going down. It looks a good no brain needed to think movie, okay!).

Kitten vs Star Wars BB-8 Droid Toy

I have to get this for the cats for Christmas! Whom I’m kidding, it’ll be a just because. They donated to the Blue Cross on behalf of them and their UK cousins this Christmas (they even wrote a letter to their cousins! Proof below!). Maybe BB-8 will get them moving and their kitten spirit back! Cat card

Bedtime Gorilla and Otter’s Fish Dinner, Barcelona ZooOtters fish dinner

Please excuse the blurriness. I’m working on shutter speed! As I get to the zoo 1/2 an hour before closing, few animals are up. The otters usually play just before sunset, but I’ve never seen one have its dinner before. It must have been tasty as they didn’t run away. The gorillas especially the young one always makes me laugh making its bed. Gorilla bed time

Tiger named Cinderella makes history being the 1st rehabilitated Serbian tiger to have cubs in the wild.

Whats been making you smile this week? Have a great week!


  1. Very cool Natalie. The Oddball movie trailer looks really interesting. I was not even aware that there was an outer island in Australia that has penguins. I don’t go to many movies, but the ones I do see are nearly always based on a true story.
    I tried the couple of exercises right away (always like new ideas). The standing one is excellent for the core. The L-Sit Curl I could really feel it in the arms and core.

    Always love your beach and sunset photos.

    One of the neat things with zoos, is a person would be able to view species of animals they would never have the opportunity otherwise. One animal I have never seen before is a gorilla. I know they are at the big city zoos, which for me Toronto is the closest, I have just never made it there.

    Am looking forward to the days getting longer. Registered today for the entire race series (5 races) with Mountain Equipment Co-op for 2016, which I am pretty stoked.

    Thank you for sharing. Wishing you an absolutely wonderful holiday season! 🙂


    1. says:

      L sit curl’s a sneaky move! I don’t know how some do on bars with legs elevated. They mush have abs of steel!

      I can’t believe you’ve never seen a gorilla! The ones at the zoo are quite tranquil unlike the chimps. Watching/observing both especially the chimps you can see how alike they are to us humans. If you get the opportunity go to Toronto zoo. I should expect as it’s large zoo the animals are well looked after. That can’t be said for all zoos however.

      Have fun training for your up and coming races! Are they trail or city runs? If they’re trail I’m jealous!

      Have a great Christmas 🙂

      1. says:

        Toronto has a very good reputation as a world class zoo, apparently they even have panda bears there now. I should and must make it.
        The upcoming races, with the MEC race series, 3 are road, 1 is rail trail, and 1 is trail. A pretty good mix.
        Have registered for a new trail run called “Pick Your Poison” coming up late April. Part of the Canadian Trail Running Series like the one I did last year. It will be 25k with massive vertical again. Am liking trail running more and more! 🙂

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