March 2020 Super Full Worm Moon

While half of March’s moon cycle I was housebound on Covid-19 lockdown, I’m lucky enough to have a sea view of sunrises and moonrises. Just as the sun at sunrise is a ball of hot pink coming over the horizon, the moon rises in a ball of flaming orange as she takes over the night sky depending on her cycle.

March’s moon takes its name from earthworms and grubs emerging from their winter’s “sleep'” as the ground thaws marking just one sign of Spring’s arrival. Imagine how many tales and secrets she could tell from being our constant companion up in the sky. How many wars, famines, viruses, life cycles, rebirth, changes the Earth has been through. She’s been up there watching it all without spilling anything. This year’s Worm Moon is a super moon as the moon’s a little closer to Earth. It’s the first of 3 this year, with April and May’s super full moons to come! Other March moon names include Crow, Sap, Crust and Sugar Moon.

First quarter at the beginning of MarchDSCF0245A few days later, waxing Almost fullMoonrise, waningDawn moonrise, waningSame day, 1 hour 40 minutes later

Do you think the moon knows all of Earth secrets? Or is it just a satellite in the sky taking the hits for Earth? Please share in the comments below!


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    I wish I knew more about astronomy Natalie. It is so fascinating as you go through the different phases of the moon. I checked out your Almanac link about the full worm supermoon. That is really cool. I hope you are doing okay during this time. Please take care Natalie!

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      Hola! I’m okay thank you. Better now Spain has time slotted freedom for walking, running and cycling after 7 weeks only allowed to the supermarket or work (if you had any!). I hope you’re oaky too!

      Astronomy’s fascinating. I know very little too, but I like the was the moon as been a guide for so many. We forget we’re just on a planet suspended floating in space with everything that goes on. I forget 99.9% of the time! So many cultures have tales that are so similar linked to the stars it gets you thinking if once everything was connected somehow!

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