Hiking in Parc Natural Montsant

A few weeks ago I asked P for a day to myself. I wanted a few hours of doing my own thing. P was cool excited for motorbike trip. That was until I found out where he’d planned to go. Parc Natural Montsant. Catching up on blog posts, maybe indoor climbing, the beach, a few hours for me vs my inner Indiana Jones and ZhenZhen (Rim of the World) exploring rope bridges, trails, warmer temps and the sound of nature silence. Parc Natural Monsant won.

P initially planned a 4 hour hike, but as I was now coming this was reduced to a ’70min’ 5km hike The Soul of Montsant to an old hermitage in the Priorat region of the park. Continue reading “Hiking in Parc Natural Montsant”

Autumn Fall Rescheduling

Happy Autumn Fall and Happy October!

There’s something about the Equinoxes more than the Solstices that leave me wanting a change or a wake up in scheduling, new energy, or being more reflective. Maybe it’s the equal length of day and night wanting balance. Maybe it’s the change in light, change in temperature. Solstices feel more about new beginnings; beginning of longer days in the winter, heat in the summer. Equinox’s are like the detox to the cold and heat or light and dark. 

If August flew by without being able to catch my breath, September didn’t want to be left out. Before I knew I was back to rushing about getting places on time. Climbing classes have started again, the zoo closes earlier, appointments, the sun sets around 19.40 (why can’t the longer days stay? Because Earth has a gravitational orbit it needs to stick to so you get that sunlight Nat and that means a few months of less sun.). I say this every Continue reading “Autumn Fall Rescheduling”

Cirque Du Soleil, Breaking Habits And A Pink Moon

Happy May!

I hope you’re had a great May Day and having a great week so far!

Breaking bad old habits are 10 times harder than creating them. I always read starting new habits take 21 days. I don’t often read about breaking them. Or is breaking them about starting them? 

Few articles mention identifying the triggers that set off habits or that will power is the most powerful key you have against stopping them. Our brains like the path of least resistant to keep energy levels Continue reading “Cirque Du Soleil, Breaking Habits And A Pink Moon”


Happy Friday!

I hope you’re having a great week! I can’t believe we’re half way through March already and this post was planned for Monday. Whatever. The half way through March and that it’s officially Spring on Monday’s a reminder like this motivation quote that Tone It Up shared on Instagram a few weeks ago: One Day or Day One.

I had plans this past weekend to sort out Continue reading “Transitioning”

Weekend Friday Favourites

I’m shopped out! The sales hit Thursdays and if you like need new Zara Home linen you have to get there on the 1st day of las rebajas. Zara Home sales are like hot cakes. Wait a few days more for when items are reduced further, you can only find designs nobody wants.

Tip. Know your size before shopping! I’m shopped out as I’ve returned 3 times to Zara Home in as many days. Each time a different store to save face, but know the sheet size! Every bed size in Zara Home’s colour coded, but the 1st set of sheets were too small, the next too large, 3rd time a charm and I do this every time I buy sheets. Each time I swap an item, something else gets added to the basket. I’m getting better with doing a Luther (from BBC detective drama Luther. Looking around crime scenes, he kept his hands in his pockets to stop temptation to touch. Works fine if I’m wearing a coat.) and 2 months before the sales, I say to myself, wait. Sales soon. Linen and sports wear is pretty much all I buy in the winter sales. Summer’s are long here, so I wait for the new collections rather than buy more winter clothes that will only get 6-8 weeks wear before being packed away and probably not worn next winter.

Anyways, Weekend Friday Favourites. Things that have been making me smile or caught my eye. Most of it’s been while I’ve been cycling everywhere looking for sheets.

Taylor Swift Blank Space Acoustic

I never really got into Taylor Swift until her 1989 album and well, I love her song writing and music. I love how she’s transferred the story telling of country music to pop as she explains here with what inspired her to write Blank Space.

StarView Free App Sky view App

P introduced me to this and cycling back when the stars are out I look for Taurus, Big Bear, Little Bear. Okay, I find Orions belt, which is always easy to spot and then look for Taurus, Gemini and see if I’ve guessed right. I’ve learnt in the mornings, it’s Venus and Saturn I can see. Using your camera via the app, you hover over a star and it gives you a quick description, name, what star classification, if it’s part of a constellation, which planet etc. It can be used indoors and outdoors which when you’re looking through your floor at stars visual the other side of the world, you feel like a wizard holding shapes in front of you. Okay, an OTT in description, but it’s a pretty cool app!

Islands in the South Atlantic Ocean I never knew existed Getting Their 1st Airport

I had no idea St Helena islands existed or their history! They’re remote, waiting 3 weeks for deliveries and post by ship. That’s nothing, it can take 3 weeks + for parcels to arrive here.

Selous Nature Reserve Tanzania

The photos are amazing!

Nat Geo Seven Major Archaeological Finds of 2015

Nat Geo Smallest Penguins on Earth

Weighted Skaters

Skaters are one of my favourite strength and agility moves and using a weight takes it up a notch. I also play around different variations: how far can I side hop/bound, touch the floor with opposite hand on each hop, change direction- zig zag forwards and backwards, skater hop with a skipping rope! Move here at 4.09

Sea Views

The weather’s been loco this week. Rain, calm skies, cold and windy, warm (20C) and windy, mild and windyDrizzleSunny skiesSunny skiesWindWind!Warm January

Reindeer Christmas Light in El Borne

Christmas Reindeer El Borne

SunsetsWinter SunsetWindWinter SunsetWinter always has some pretty dramatic sunsets!

Moon Rise Sun RiseMoon rise Sun rise

The moon rising an hour or so before the sun. I didn’t think this happened as you know, the night belongs to the moon, the day belongs to the sun unless it’s a summers afternoon. Does rising before dawn count as night time?

Because Tomorrow’s Monday 

28 cats having a worse day than you.

What’s been making you smile this week? Have a great week!