Recycle Less: Terra Wash +Mg Review. Detergent Free Laundry

If there’s one thing I like about Terra Wash + Mg is only having to buy laundry ‘detergent’ once a year! 

About a year ago I did a review on a copy of Terra Wash+Mg. I mentioned I wanted to try the original Terra Wash +Mg mainly as it was designed for heavier loads, up to 7kg. Honestly on performance, stains etc it works the same. The only difference the price and that they don’t make mouse glue traps. 

In the short term it’s expensive. At the time of purchase TerraWash+Mg due to Covid19 wasn’t shipping to Europe. Luckily had a French seller hence the packaging in French. It worked out maybe a little more as there was a middle man. At the time of writing TerraWash+Mg still aren’t shipping to Spain. Amazon still sell it occasionally. A quick online search later there’s a Spanish TerraWash retailer! Just up the road on the Costa Brava so that makes me very happy. It’s €48.90 (plus shipping) which works out if I do on average 4 loads a week for a year equals about 23c per wash minus the shipping cost! For me that’s super cheap and cost effective. No plastic apart from the polyester pouch, plastic transport bag. I read somewhere they’re working towards a plastic friendly version which doesn’t shed plastic micro filaments in the wash. However the polyester is the toughest surviving multiply washing machine use. The pellets after a year you can add to the garden to help plants or just keep reusing with the new pouch. 

How does the magnesium work? I’ll let Terra Wash explain: 

Terra Wash + Mg is filled with our highly purified magnesium, specially processed with Japanese innovative technology. When this special magnesium comes in contact with water, it generates bubbles of hydrogen and form ionized alkaline water, which makes easier for water to remove dirt from fabrics. This special water has high ability to remove/eliminate dirt, sebum, mold, germs, bacteria, and odor resulting in fresh, safe, and clean laundry!

 Another feature of Terra Wash + Mg is its ability to reduce the size of water molecules. Water molecules are said to come in clusters rather than single molecules. Although it is difficult to measure the size of water molecules due to its unstable characteristic, it is very easy to imagine water clusters reforming into much smaller size by encountering the smallest molecule on earth, hydrogen, in water. Smaller cluster size enables and stregthens the water ability to pass through fabric pores, resulting in better cleaning properties.


If like me you suffer from eczema I would for sure try out Terra Wash. Since using the magnesium pellets, I haven’t had a reaction from them and P hasn’t complained that his clothes don’t feel clean. As well as no toxic runoff in the water system as the magnesium actually helps the environment and there’s no lugging heavy laundry detergent power or liquid around! No spills to clean up either!

Only plastic the plastic seal bag and seal tab on the packaging

The only con is that it’s not effective on whites. For whites I either hand wash with a bio/eco hand wash detergent liquid or if there is a lot of white items in the summer I leave them to soak in bio whitening agent then machine wash using the magnesium pellets. 

To dry the pouch I line dry it with the rest of the laundry

TerraWash Japan

TerraWash Espana

If TerraWash Japan doesn’t ship to your country, try searching TerraWash eg Espana/your country. 

Do you use a laundry free detergent? Do you prefer them to ordinary laundry powders, liquids detergents? No detergent will every be environmentally friendly. Magnesium needs to be mined which has its own environmental issues. Soap nuts will have their own environmental disadvantages of perhaps begin cash crop. For now I’m hoping the magnesium pellets in the long run, out benefit the initial environmental issues. Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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