Beauty Finds: Honest Beauty Magic Gel-To-Milk Cleanser Review

Welcome back to another Beauty Finds! This edition Honest Beauty Magic Gel-to-Milk Cleanser.

I have a few requirements when it comes to cosmetics and skin care: cruelty free, natural, clean, vegan better. I do my best to avoid the nasty ingredients such as SLSs, parabens, PEGs, silicones, etc. Petrochemicals are the sneakiest with so many derivatives and aliases. I also avoid palm oil and it’s derivatives as I prefer orangutans. Coconut oil marketed as the good oil I’m also cutting down on as it can be just a damaging crop as palm oil. If I do get products with these ingredients in I try to get organic or sustainably sourced. With make up it’s a little harder so I go for cruelty free brands. I prefer products with less plastic and thankfully more brands are aware consumers don’t want unnecessary plastic (or governments are telling them less plastic). My skin type’s oily sensitive, acne prone and now wrinkles. I know nothing stops those lines, but if I can delay them then….

I’ll be straight up honest (no pun!) I didn’t like this cleanser. Maybe I’m biased towards Korean cleansers but this I felt didn’t clean my skin at all. I gave it a few days but I could tell on the first use, it wasn’t removing make up. I think I applied it twice each use. On Honest Beauty it’s recommend to apply like a cleansing balm which then foams a little as on Honest Beauty videos. I found it didn’t foam or get milk like colour. It says avoid contact with eyes and on its video it removed eye makeup or what looks like eyeliner. Let’s just say it stings like a MF if it gets in your eyes thanks to the rose water! It blotchy removed eyeliner and mascara and left my skin feeling striped bare dry still with make up residue on. I think I ended up using it as shower gel.

I was disappointed as it’s a nice price point. In addition I was hoping maybe to only have one cleanser instead of doing a double cleanse as it only contains 12 ingredients which are all super clean and natural. Having only one cleanser would cut down on plastic and pennies. Sadly I’m still on 2 types of cleansers. An oil cleanser to remove SPF and make up and a foam cleanser to remove water based dirt such as sweat. Would I recommend, no if you wear make up. No make up and can tolerate rose water maybe it’ll work.

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