Plasters, Orangutans and Barely Breathing 30 Burpees

There’s a reason why in kitchens if you cut yourself you wear blue plasters. Blue isn’t a food colour and it’s easily spotted should you loose it.

Sunday, I cut my finger, wrapped it up which was fine until I baked my protein bars yesterday. As I spread the mix out in the tin, I realised the plaster was missing. First through, sh*t it’s in the mix! No, try the washing up you’ve half done. Nope. I go through the mix thinking, it fell in the food processor and is chopped up like the almonds. Can’t find it. Taste the mix. Does it taste like plasters (bandaids). Seriously, you’re tasting it to see if it tastes like plasters. Go through mix again, think whatever, it’s just you eating it, I’m sure you’ve eaten worse, bake it, but I’m 100% positive it’s not in the mix, so you’ll be okay. Put in tin in oven. There’s the plaster on the countertop. Phew. My Tone It Up blueberries protein breakfast bars are plaster free!

I hope you had a great weekend! Today’s a happy sad day. Sad as today’s the last day of summer until next time. Happy as I’ll never admit this, I’m kinda getting excited for cooler weather. The weather finally decides if it’s hot, warm, chilly. The warmish weather continues here until about mid October, though the nights are getting chilly, a little too chilly for shorts. I’m just a little jealous of those in the Southern Hemisphere. Their Spring starts tomorrow!

Friday, training clients in the park in the morning meant my run was switched until the evening. As the park is a 5 minute bike ride from the centre, I ran errands (shopping) after my classes. I usually go in late afternoons, early evening when I have to beat the clock before the shops shut. There’s less people, but it’s nice to switch up my day and get a little more leisurely shop!

Beach night runBeach night run

Saturday, I didn’t go to any La Merce events being held throughout the city. This year, I didn’t want too. Instead what was meant to be a quick 10 minute tidy up before my roof workout, turned into an hour and half wardrobe sort out. 2 bags for charity, one bag too worn to be given to charity and for recycling. I tried to be a ruthless as possible following the, if you haven’t worn it in a year toss it, if you have to make it work with other items, toss it, if it doesn’t fit, you know you’re not going to wear it toss it and if it’s black keep it (which I partially followed). There’ll be another detox when it does start to get cold and I try on warmer clothes as say, nah, I’m not feeling this one! Clothes for Charity

With the Spartan Race weeks away I decided on my last 2 sets of press/push up burpees to see if I can do a full set of 30 no obstacle forfeit burpees. I did and could barely just breathe. The last 5 my body is saying why, my head is playing stop, don’t stop, push it, see how many you can do, no rest! I usually stop for a breather around 22-22. Mini goals are great, I’m happy I can do 30 in a row, but equally happy in 3 weeks no more!

Sunday I was determined to get the beach. Ha! My long runs recently have been 10-12km due to heat and time. Spartan Super is 13km, which I can run fine, however 12km isn’t 13km! Because I wanted to be at the beach not running, I didn’t enjoy it. Even on the monkey bars, I didn’t have much coordination. The water colour off the pier didn’t help! By the time I was ready to go out, it was too chilly for the beach. Instead I headed to the zoo. I’m glad I did. I got to see the orangutans in their new enclosure for the first time!

14km run up the coastSunday RunWater and fish of Badalona Pier

And they looked so much more happy and active than the last time I saw them there a few years ago. They had a sad looking small enclosure. Not much room to swing, climb around in and visitors not treating them with respect. Now they have 2 huge indoor enclosures and 2 outdoor enclosures and completely ignore visiting humans!

Orangutan Barcelona Zoo

Which is a good thing as you wouldn’t believe the amount of people who can’t read in Spanish, Catalan and English with visual signs saying: Don’t bang on the glass, don’t use flash photography, don’t feed the animals, treat them with respect. I upset a lot of people, when I say hey, no banging. The atmosphere changes when I call out Dads, Mums and kids. Oh you’re a goody two shoes aren’t you. I’ve even seen zoo keepers tell people off for feeding the Chimps right under the do not feed sign, shoo them away from one of the Flamingo ponds edges. They try to be polite, but I think they really want to say, seriously, you can’t read as there’s never a smile. One keeper even said to me in the summer when it’s busy they have to hand out leaflets explaining the rules. And don’t get me started on selfie sticks. Selfie with every animal, ignore the animal, next enclosure! She who purchased a selfie stick last week.

Ignore the keeper! We’re share 99% of genes! Just give us the crisps!Whaat? Feed us! Chimps Barcelona Zoo

Dinner?!Lioness, Barcelona Zoo

Have a great last day of summer and have a great week!

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