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There’s something about Fridays. It has that little air excitement. No other day has it, the anticipation of the weekend and I’m looking forward to Saturday. Hopefully my Mac will be fixed which means fingers crossed there’s enough space to import my camera photos! It’s sod’s law. After 3 months of waiting for my camera to come back from repair, a week later ‘there’s not enough space available’ to import photos. Not even from my phone. At Apple’s Genius Bar last week, they mentioned it could a network corruption that’s making it play up. Back up and rebook for them to sort it out. I’ve been writing posts on my mac then uploading photos from my phone on WordPress’s app. That brings it’s own tiny hitch. If I don’t reschedule the post for publish immediately on the mac, it’s posted at the time I started editing on my phone!

Friday Favourites, a round up of things that have been making me smile this week. I haven’t mentioned running much recently. I’m still running! When I first started this blog, it was meant to be a fitness blog, but with so many other fitness blogs around, it’s become a Nat’s life and that brings Friday Favourites:

In Honour of World Environment Day

From Nat Geo:

Chimps can’t cook, but maybe they’d like to. The chimp in the end video is one clever chimp!

Black rhinos back in tribal Africa after a 25 year absence.

Starving sea lions of the coast of California and just one reason why everyday should be World Environment Day. I try to make everyday World Environment day because we really do live on an amazing planet and it’s the only one we’ve got!

Tone It Up’s 28 Days to Fit, Fierce and FabulousTone It Up 28 days to fit, fierce and fabulous

The Tone It Up girls have published their very first book, a 28 day program to help you transform your body, mind and soul. Okay, maybe not soul, but it does say on the back ‘bring out the gorgeous goddess within you’. I’ve been following them since early 2011 and they’ve provided huge amounts of inspiration and motivation; work ideas and exercises, lifestyle tips, their nutrition plan helped me with food issues and not to mention they’re infectious! This year I’ve sort of followed along with their 2015 Bikini Series which has been fun. However fingers crossed the book will help me more finally help me get a better balanced schedule and me. Over 28 days you have daily challenges, mantras, words of the day, superstar foods of the day and work out suggestions. Everyday’s a different theme to be a better you and for someone who gives herself a hard time if I don’t get things done, I’m hoping their tricks and tips will sort me out!

Camelbak Sports Water BottleCamelbak Sports bottle

During my ever so graceful Roxy run transition time, I dropped my water bottle and snapped the lid catch. Rather than get another Decathlon own water bottle, I splashed on a Camelback. It’s meant to water as cool as it was refilled. It does to a degree which is perfect as the days are hotter now. It’s lot lighter than my old bottle, doesn’t contain any nasty plastic BPA’s and has a lock valve so if I knock it over it doesn’t spill. The only thing I’m not so keen on is there’s no lid. It’s great workout, but for out and about in my bag, I just think germs!

Bench Bunny HopsBench Bunny hops

I’m pretty sure I’ll have to side jump low walls and fences in Octobers Spartan Race. Let’s just say, I was entertainment for those watching on one of my runs last week. I found a hip height fence to practice on. I’m fine until it comes to clearing it, I hesitate. To help get spring, I’m working my bench bunny hops. 3 x 20 slow, not using rebound to jump back over, 3 x 20 fast using the rebound to jump back over (in total 3 x 20 slow, 20 fast or up to 30 seconds each 20 alternatively). They also work the bum, arms, core, back, shoulder, everything and provide a cardio hit!

Aj and DAJDiesel

I swear they’re running a chicken scheme. Aj’s tummy issues started up again (diarrhoea and sick) Monday. 2 days of chicken fine. One meal of dried food, back to diarrhoea and sick. I swear that as soon as AJ was sick Monday, D started asking for chicken (he has a walk of I know there’s chicken, so why you giving me crunch). At the moment I’m the worst cat Mama ever. Vets recommendation; no food for AJ for 24 hours. Diesel won’t eat alone even in a room with just his bowl, so he’s going hungry too. I’m getting some pretty deadly looks right now. I’m trying to tell them, they’ve got chicken this evening, but I’m the worst human servant. But they’re cute, snuggly and I have to give them credit for the chicken scheme.

Cycling Views: Moon Over the Sea Wednesday and Thursday’s Reverse SunsetFull moon over med seaJune reverse sunset

One reason why I love summer so much, the days are longer which means more time to spend outside. I can’t believe the longest day of the year is this month, then summer starts! It’s ironic, summers meant to be filled with hot (for some) long summer days, when actually the days are getting shorter.

RunviewWednesday run view

Wednesday’s Runview. There’s no warning when the heat starts. It’s like someone switches a switch and says, okay, summer now. If it hadn’t have been for the wind, I’d have melted!

What’s been making you smile this week? What’s your favourite day\s of the week?

Bench bunny hop image taken from Men’s Health Google images





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    I cannot for the life of me to a bench hop. I always look like a wounded bunny.

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      You should see me side jumping fences then. I’m like those cartoon animals that screech to a stop with their feet out in front of them. You can always start with floor baby bunny hops jumping either side of a mat and work up to a step and 1 raisers at a time!

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