Parakeets, Scarves and Graffiti

It’s not just pigeons and seagulls that rule the skies, beaches and parks in Barcelona. Descendants of cheeky Monk parakeets zoo escapees cruise the tree tops and at the moment they’re in some sort of parakeet heaven feasting on palm dates and plane and acacia trees seeds now in season. And they’re letting everybody know! They always make me smile when I hear them jabber away or see them.IMG_9107

They’re also sign it’ll be time to swap shorts for jeans in a few weeks. The past fews days have had cool and overcast mornings and warm, sunny afternoons. Out of all the transitional seasons this one I love hate. The colours it brings are amazing, but the shorter colder days coming I don’t like! I’ve stocked on big snuggly scarves the past few weeks. There’s nothing like a warm scarf to bury in when it’s chilly! Zara has some great ones at the moment. Chunky knits, I don’t even want to think about. It’s not cold enough yet!

As so many runners, cyclists, rollerbladers, outdoor sports people are saying in the North hempishere (apologies if you’ve heard this X amount of times this week) cooler outdoors makes it easier to run, cycle, rollerblade, dance as the body doesn’t have to work as hard to cool off. I enjoyed feeling fast yesterday, feeling faster as the pace was only a little quicker. What was easier was my breathing (cooler air is easier to breath in than hot air), making me seem faster. 8km along the breezy, cool route, soon to be sheltered, less windy graffiti route. This little guy’s been around for a while and I’m happy no one has sprayed over him yet. IMG_5939May have understated the overcast morning.

I’m one of those that if graffiti is done right, it’s art. Quite a few shops here pay artists to spray their shutters to avoid being tagged and it works. A lot of graffiti I see however should have been left in the can.

What transitional season do you love/hate? Are you looking forward to knitwear season or want to cling on to shorts and t like me? What’s your view on graffiti?