Run, Shop, Sleep

I got to see dawn yesterday. Not because I’m going cold turkey into getting a better sleep schedule. My motive was sneaky. Osteopath rules are no exercise for 24 hours after treatment. I had appointment mid morning. If I wanted to get my 7km fix, I had to run before. I hadn’t seen grass covered in dew in a long time!IMG_2337 IMG_2350 IMG_2351

I have a question for other lady runners. Do you smile at other girls running? There’s always more guys running outside than girls and I smile (maybe grimace. I think I’m smiling) because we’re out there running and to show support of other girls getting fit. There are more girls running outside than a year ago as fitness is becoming more mainstream in France. Some girls smile back but the most scowl (maybe it’s a grimace smile. Eyes tell the difference) and a few even waterfall. Maybe they don’t realise I’m smiling, are into their run or think I’m some mad girl flashing my teeth. Does running etiquette say no smiling when running?! I get that speed runs and competition day are serious business, require game faces and all focus is on a personal best. When I see a girl speed running, I don’t expect one back. Maybe I’m thinking too much with this one and should shake it off.

Minor issues at the Osteopaths. I just have to warm up before yoga so the soleus is happy. It hasn’t been tracking right when transferring from plank to downward dog. It generally happens in at the end of my workout warm up, so I’m hoping what ever he did works as I should be warmed up by then. I also somehow knocked some toe bones out of alignment on my right foot or something like that. TMI!

After a difficult afternoon email composing, much needed retail therapy was required. Every girl has to get a fix every now and then, right?! The sales have finally started in France and it seemed everyone in the area was trying to get into Cap3000! Today must be madness as it’s the first weekend after the sales started. The assistants yesterday looked like it had been a long week already. I found a new shopper/gym/water/snack/make up bag/can you hold this?/beach/things that can’t fit in my cross over bag, from my French namesake, Le Tanneur and some super snug socks for the house. Toasty feet! When it’s sales time, I mainly get trainers and house items. My clothes size normally sold out way before they started and I’m looking forward to the new seasons clothes, styles etc!IMG_2383 IMG_2378 IMG_2380

We’re hoping to get the boys this weekend a cat tree and maybe go to the Aquarium in Monaco. I’m also looking forward to watching the second episode of Toned Up on Bravo. They are two crazy ladies!

I’m slightly jealous of parts of the UK. The polar vortex which has iced up half of America and flooded half of England means the Northern Lights are visible in Northern England. I’d love to see them one day!

Would you like to see the Northern Lights or are you lucky enough to see them? What items do you look out for in the sales? Have a great weekend!


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    ahh Northern Lights…I have seen pictures I would love to see it in person!

  2. says:

    I am so going shopping for those socks!

    1. says:

      You won’t regret it! They’re super warm, perhaps a little too warm!

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