Sunset At Sausalito

After hiking around Muir Woods and visiting my first Californian beach, Muir Beach, Sausalito was next before it got dark.

We got there just after everywhere had closed and perhaps had this was a good thing. We got the bay lit up pink in a reverse sunset. We stopped for photos before heading to Mission Cliffs Climbing (I did want to go to Dogpatch Boulders however they were closed on a Sunday. The following day we were heading to Oahu! Mission Cliff was the only place open) for some indoor bouldering. I wanted to keep my training up while away and try out different route setting. The grades got me as I’m used to French and Fontainebleau grades as opposed to V grades. It took me a while to get used to their style and had to drop a few grades, but that’s okay. It’s good not to get used to the setting where I go gym climbing. Makes my brain think. 

Famous for its old wooden fishing houses, ceramics, boat houses (Ottis Reading wrote Sitting in the Dock of Bay in one) and ship building history Sausalito overlooks the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz. Sausalito’s name comes from the Spanish settlers sauzalito for small willow grove (plot twist, an English sailor and Mexican citizen, William Richardson submitted a claim for area to be called Rancho Sausalito and also set up the village street plan of Yerba Buena now modern Day San Fransisco. Wikipedia’s great!). It’s such a cool name to say. Any name with ito/a: really small, young or to show affection in Spanish added to a word is fun to say. Sausalito!

Alcatraz and San Francisco
Alcatraz and San Francisco
Houses overlooking the bay
Golden Gate Bridge

I can’t believe I didn’t include the above Golden Gate Bridge photo as we drove back to San Francisco in my post Golden Gate Bridge. Please excuse the bad quality of most photos. I went overboard on the ISO.


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    Amazing! You’ve been spending some time in North America Natalie. Absolutely incredible. In 1985 a friend and I went through Northern California on a massive road trip. Lots of distance in a short span of time and we missed out on seeing gems such as Sausalito. Great sunset photos. It does look very historical. Something I would appreciate a lot more now that I am much older. Thank you Natalie for sharing. Enjoy your time! 😀🗺

    1. says:

      We were in Northern California and Hawaii in January and February this year. I’ve only ever visited previously the East Coast. It’s weird as it the same language but so many differences! We only passed through Sausalito as friends said it’s a place to visit. We had more fun hiking in Muir Woods just nearby. Lots of trail runners too! You’d like it to run in! Running amongst redwoods and sequoias!

      1. says:

        Wow, that would have been an amazing vacation Natalie. The John Muir wilderness is such an incredible area. I did spend some time around Mt. Whitney and the John Muir Trail back in 1985. Wasn’t a runner back then. Have always wanted a return visit. Not sure which parts have been destroyed by the fires. I know Northern California has lost so much.

      2. says:

        I don’t think Muir Woods hasn’t been hit by any fires. There’ll be parts to run even as the land regenerates. It’s huge loss, more so after Southern California got hit with fires last year. I’m hoping the land will grow back stronger.

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