Weekend Friday Favourites

Welcome back to another Weekend Friday Favourites! I think sunny spring will be here a few days. The grey skies are making way light grey white blue skies! 

Anyways, Weekend Friday Favourites, things that have made me smile or caught my eye this week. In no particular order;

MOCO Museum

Banksy 10 Monkeys

I’m not really museum person. I appreciate them however my attention span isn’t too great if wandering around indoors unless I’m visually engaged. I can manage an hour before I’m missing the sun and the fresh air! That said, I stumbled, literally stumbled upon a few months ago on the MOCO Museum. A contemporary art museum recently opened in El Born . Every now and then it’s nice to cycle or wander around the Born. To be honest it was the bright pink gift shop, pink balloons outside and Minnie Mouse that isn’t sculpture by Kaws in the courtyard that enticed me in. It looked busy so I said another day. Getting my days mixed up this week, not sure what to do and realising once the zoo hours change next week and the tourist season starting it was my last chance to visit while it wasn’t busy. 

Guillermo Lorca, Little Garden. I have no idea what’s going, yet the detail!

Twinning with the main museum in Amsterdam, Moco Museum Barcelona takes you on a journey through modern, contemporary and up and coming artists. Downstairs showcases 80’s artists such as Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat, up and coming arts before heading upstairs to Banksy and Guillermo Lorca. I wouldn’t say museum is the right word to describe it, more art gallery however taking in the account the flow of the space as it finishes with NFT’s and light installations perhaps museumish.    

Banksy Home Sweet Home. I’ve no idea why I laugh out aloud when I saw it

The entrance fee is steep at €17.50 outside of off peak hours however around 17.45 the entrance fee drops to €14.50 as they close at 19.00 (I think the entrance fee is so much to cover the insurance on all the pieces). One hour is plenty to see all and I left feeling inspired. While I didn’t understand the concept of Guillermo Lorca’s paintings, his artwork is amazing. Banksy’s cheekiness had me laughing out aloud and Kaws use of colour was amazing! The building where the museum is housed, the courtyard is out of fairytales with a rich history behind it. That’s the charm about EL Born past its dark, stinky alleyways, so many doors open up to amazing courtyards and architecture. 

Diamond Matric . Studio Irma. Hundreds of led diamonds changing colours in a mirrored room where everywhere you looked diamond travelling for infinity. With the music it was kinda peaceful.

More photos saved on my Instagram Story highlights under Out and About 2.

Here Begins the Sea Drain Signs

This week I’ve noticed Here Begins the Sea, don’t throw throw waste/residue down popping up in the city centre, like I noticed in California and Hawaii. Maybe someone in the Barcelona council was inspired by a USA trip!

Ukrainian Military Dog reunited with Human

I’m following on Twitter UkrainanEnglishUpdates the current war in Ukraine, who post what main news outlets don’t always or report before main news outlets. One post was was about a Leah who managed to fine her handler after getting lost. 

If you wish to help animals in Ukraine, links are in previous Weekend Friday Favourites here and here

Car Headlights

Internet Finds 

Vice, Hunting for Lost Russian Satellite in Canada. I don’t know why but this documentary had me laughing in a feel good way. It follows 2 nuclear scientists on their hunt for a nuclear powered Russian spy satellite that crash landed in the Canadian tundra in the 80’s to find its secrets so they can produce safer nuclear energy. They both know it’s a needle in a haystack exploration as they attempt to locate pieces the initial clean up crew didn’t. It’s not so much the hunt, more their oddball, goofy friendship that’s the star of the show. If they had their own show of adventures I’d follow for sure!

Wired: Botanist Answers Plant Questions From Twitter/ Tech Support. I’m so happy Joey Santore from Crime Pays Botany Doesn’t is getting recognised! I’m not a avid watcher as my YouTube clicks vary from ancient indian architecture – is it made from aliens technology, are the indian gods aliens?, lifestyle, body language, documentaries, Business Insider, how things work, Hamimommy house vlogs to Hopecope I purchased lost mail packages. Basically no particular genre. However every now and then I watch Crime Pays Botany doesn’t. If you mind swearing he’s not for you as he visits various habitats explaining the flora what’s invasive, how plants have adapted, what species they are etc. Honestly most of the time I’m lost, but like most of YouTube videos I have them on while in the kitchen and some goes in. I was oh, he’s getting recognised finally when I saw the thumbnail! 

Short and sweet again this week! What’s been making you smile or caught your eye? Please share in the comments below!

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