I’m counting down the hours until 10.15am Sunday. After craziness of last week, this week’s been be so quiet, I’m more than welcoming excitement Sunday when I get to see someone very dear to me and finally start having some fun!

Not even my workout yesterday and a double rainbow broke up the monotony or put a cheer in my step. Some days it’s like that. You just have to power through and get on it with, much like this quote I came across this week:

No matter how you feel, get up, dress up, show up and never give up.

I don’t quit that easily unless I’m better off cutting my looses. And yes, I always have to dress for the occasion. I’m not a Taurus or Monkey for nothing! We have much perseverance.IMG_7893

30 minutes priorIMG_6323

Persevering I am with my running. After my speedy run last Friday, I decided and more importantly felt it was time to incorporate interval training back into my runs. My achilles feels strong enough now to handle the intensity. To ease back into them I’m starting off with Fartlek runs as opposed to set intervals. With Fartlek I choose while running the speed and intensity between markers such as a tree or that lamp post 5 up.

Walking slow jog through Port Vauban

I had intended to for on a scale of 1-10, (1 being easy, why am I walking to 10 all out sprint for your life), 8 for fast segments and 5/6 for medium pace recovery. It ended up being, 7km of fast, medium, walk, fast, walk, medium, walk, fast, walk, repeat! I couldn’t believe I had to walk! This time last year, I owned my interval runs! It felt great running fast, but as soon as I slowed, I was asking myself why are you doing this to yourself? Why? To prove to myself that I can, get my average pace back up and to see how fast I get myself to be! (Okay, I admit it. I’m jealous of Paul’s pace and want to don’t want to be left behind. Healthy competition is good). It was an exhilarating feeling looking at that average pace and time when I finally said thank F that’s done! In a few weeks I should feel ready for timed intervals along with leaving the boys standing again. My foam roller and I are going get very cosy in the next few weeks!

Walking slow jog again.IMG_6349

Want to know why I train the way I do? Firstly so when I’m old and grey (grey? Whom I’m kidding? I’ll dye it), I’ve still got my independence and not a physical burden to anyone. Secondly, I did the weekly grocery shopping on my own some today and carried it up 5 flights of stairs for 3 sets of 88 steps. Hard core Farmers walk. I bet that lift will be ready on the day we move out. Let the countdown begin.IMG_7973

Have great weekend!

What’s your favourite interval run tempo? Do you have a love/hate relationship with them too?





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