Safety First

After 5 days of only talking to cats, the odd shop assistant and choice words at French drivers, I picked Paul up from the airport Sunday. Driving in the South of France takes all the fun out of driving. You’re constantly double guessing the car in front and they still throw a surprise. Stopping in front of you on a major road before deciding to the cross 2 lanes of traffic, no mans land chevrons to take the other turning. France is the only country where signs approaching a roundabout tell you, you do not have right of way. They don’t work.IMG_8023

Paul had a chef trial in Washington DC. He was meant to stay for 3 nights however they liked his cooking so much, they asked him to stay on for a few days longer. They wanted someone to start straight away but as we have to move out by the end of the May and still looking, Paul had to decline. He also wants to take a few months off after being in kitchens and galleys for 16 years, with his last proper holiday 4 years ago.IMG_7994

Saturday was that exciting I can’t remember what I did. All I know is I got that restless Sunday feeling again. The same one I had all week. When I’m like this, it’s hard to find motivation and pull through. I do eventually, going doo-laley in the progress!IMG_8009 IMG_8018 IMG_8029

We stopped off for coffee at Cap3000 to catch up on the way home. Paul had been up for 24 hours straight, hadn’t eaten properly all week, was knackered to say the least. He slept for about 6 hours as soon as we got back. I faced a fear and aced it:

I ran in the park on my own some.

Normally even though we take different trails we run in the park together. Sunday is my long run day and I wasn’t feeling road running. We only have a few weeks here and I didn’t want to miss out on the park. It’s where I go to recharge. So what’s a girl to do? Go on her own! Before injury my only concern would have been my safety. Post injury, what if the achilles goes and my safety. I don’t know why I worried. I was fine. Thanks to the rain the night before it was quiet with just a few other runners and dog walkers. Spring’s really taken hold and I didn’t want to leave! I’m happiest running trails, just me, the trails and birds. I couldn’t have asked for more and left feeling energised.IMG_8055

Girls running trails on their own, or just out running the road, here are some of my keep safe tips:

Trails especially, tell someone your route and how long you’d expect to be.

Run with your phone. Make sure it’s fully charged and has credit.

Check the weather before hand. Wear appropriate trainers, clothing and sports bra (gotta keep them safe!).

Check the path ahead for rocks, stumps, roots etcIMG_8060

If I run at night I keep my music low, stick to well lit areas. Trails, no music. I prefer to be on guard and listen to my surroundings. You’re running on your own with no one looking out for you. Not every one is that nice walker you smile at. There are some sick opportunists out there. Let them miss out on this opportunity.

Take a good look at those you pass. If there is a no gooder, you’ve taken a good look at them. It puts them off as they can be identified easier. IMG_6374

I tie my hair up in a bun or wrap it around my headband. A pony tail can easily be grabbed. In the summer it’s up away from sweat and suncream that wreck havoc with my hair.

Wear something bright. Your easily spotted should you have an accident. Wear something reflective running at night, such as a reflective arm band. I wear mine around my shin as that’s the only place they fit!IMG_6377Proper hydration. Ensure you’re sufficiently hydrated beforehand. Take handsfree water bottle, should you trip, need balance etc.

If there are public toilets take tissues as they’re always out of paper. No toilets? A secluded bush. Check no ones around first!

Take post run snacks. Be properly fuelled before hand. I take dates and apples and have a bigger snack when I get back home.

Park near other cars. Ensure car/house keys are securely stowed before setting off! Put valuables in the boot/trunk.

Warm up and cool down properly.

Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the run!IMG_6371

What are your safely running tips? A girls safety is always number one!

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