Project Light: End of January 2022, Exploring the Gothic Quarter, Visiting Temple D’August, Winter Light and Cute Birds

The light was good at the end of January, lots of sunny afternoons which made up for the cold! 

Naked trees make it easier to see the birds. It’s amazing how many birds live in urban areas. If you keep an eye out for them, once you start noticing them you can unnoticed them.


I tried in January to find free places to go after the zoo or in the afternoon before I forgot and before the tourist season started. So many times you never visit places in your own city. One of place I’d been meaning to go to for ages were the roman pillars. The remains of the Temple d’August in the gothic quarter. Free entry all year round. Visiting also gave me the excuse or reason to re explore Barri Gòtic or the Gothic Guarter part of the original walled Roman city of Barcelo.

Courtyard entering Temple d’August

On one of the many history info boards shared the story of one of the most influential families at the time Pedanii Minicii Natales, who acted as patrons of the temple. It’s amazing how names change, Natalie (my given name) is now more a first name than surname. Just how my surname now, Tanner is sometimes used as first name. The temple was also a representation of the cult Augustus which was linked to politics at that time. Annual elected public officials were Seviri augustales who were former slaves. Being elected into this office was the ultimate social elevation at the time.

Plaça del Rei

Museu Frederic Marès. Each Christmas until the end of January they have diorama nativity scene. I used that as an excuse to visit the courtyard!

More temple columns!
Fish in the courtyard’s fountain
Parakeet nests
Sunrise last quarter Wolf Moon
Dawn SUP. You can just see them the bottom right hand corner
Snail near the Tribunal Superior de Justica de Catalunya, Social Chamber

Winter’s glow!

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