Night at the Mall and Catch Up

Finally a moment to say hi! I actually started writing this Monday, however the words weren’t coming, my attention span the past few days has been short and then there’s that thing of it being hot. The amount of ice cold orange juice, ice lollies I’ve consumed in the last few days is insane. It’s a battle of will power not to give in and flake. Add this week for some reason I’ve been a little more tired than usual in the evenings, which hasn’t helped feeling productive. Read extremely sleepy eyes. No matter how much I fight it. I haven’t even caught up on my current Netflix marathon, I’ve been that tired.

Where do I start? Friday!

Teaching early, my morning run got pushed to the evening. No way in this heat was I running midday. I don’t mind evening running and workouts once in a while, but I prefer early workouts for a reason. I feel like an elastic band ready to ping. My muscles are warmed up, I can run a little quicker and lift a little heavier, it never feels like a good workout. Afterwards I’m either too wired to sleep or the exact opposite, crash! Crashed I did, but it was the first good run in a while. I even had extra energy to run the steps 6 times instead of the usual 3. The still air that replaced the lovely breeze of earlier made my tank top feel like a winter coat. 2km in I was running sans tank, something I rarely do! But it was darkish with the lights, so I didn’t have to suck everything in that much!

Night Run

Night Run

I swear they look steeper at night!Steps, night run

Saturday and Sunday, very exciting. Roof top workout, run respectively, potter, beach, little sleep Saturday thanks to the concert nearby, Sunday evening baking. Exciting! Saturday Beach

Lots of different types of fish off the pier, running Sundays 15km.Here fishy, fishy!

I read somewhere that you can let Monday run rings around you or you can run rings around Monday. I’m aim to be the run rings around Monday, but Monday has a knack of running rings! I called it quits with it Monday. I managed to get nearly everything done, but that’s only because I kept putting off jobs at the weekend (my pottering wasn’t very productive). By the time Monday rolled around, I felt like the student who left all their studying to the last minute. Until next time, lessoned learned. Ha! I did have a good workout. Mixed grip chins ups are getting easier.

Tuesday I had it all planned. Work, gym, skip the beach until it’s cooler, back in the afternoon to clean the house, beach, grocery shopping I couldn’t get Monday. It went perfect until the afternoon. It took some oomph to clean. I could’ve put the air con on, however there are polar bears to think of and the electricity bill. The cats and I have to make do with the fan. Only when it’s extremely hot, I put it on. But I like to have windows open even in the depth of winter, so it’s never on for long!

Cycling in, listen to the gibbons at the ZooTunnel

Stopping by the local shopping centre/mall later, in a world of my own queing to pay, bam emergency lightening! Power cut! 20 minutes later waiting to pay and still no lights. Why wait so long? I’ve been after a summer cat hammock for Diesel for a while. Previously he’s had cheap cube cat trees, with the top floor providing a cool summer hammock. His current cat tree is all fluffy fabric, which must feel like a sauna. All ones I like won’t ship to Spain, Spain only has ferret hammocks. Last resort I thought I’d check out the home decor shops if they had a collapsible beach head rest I’ve seen a few people have (none ship to Spain!). No headrest, but I found a fold up/collapsible kids camping chair. I thought it would be a good substitute. He gets a head rest, back rest and can hang with legs everywhere.Night at the Mall

Anyways, Night at the Mall? Do the mannequins come alive at night? Not being able to pay cash, even with power resorted and close to closing the assistants kindly reserved our purchases for later. They relayed from a security guard, ‘no idea why, the car park is total blackness, lifts are out (one of my worst nightmares. Being stuck in a lift!), but some shops still open’. I had a little grocery shopping to do and chanced Alcampo being open. No surprise, it was. I swear big supermarkets are never without power!

Lightening and rain woke me up in the early hours yesterday. Yay! Rain! The cooler morning you knew wasn’t going to last long and the clouds hanging around until midmorning, made my run a little more bearable. Don’t get me wrong. I love summer. I’ll take long hot summer days to cold, wet, windy winter days any day. I just don’t like running on them much! I feel like I want to run in a tank top made ice cubes, like the cooling face sleep masks! Cloudy run view

Do you prefer training the in mornings, afternoons or evenings? How do you keep cool or try to get cool in the summer? Favourite 80’s movies? I loved Mannequin, Indiana Jones, The Goonies and Star Wars!


  1. says:

    OK Nat, I am sorry to say I am going to have to stop following your blog. You make me want to live there too too much! Snorkeling at the end of the pier??? Are you kidding me? You are such a tease! ~ I have too many 80’s movies that I love to name. Suffice it to say I am a child of the 80’s. But Mannequin! Now there is an oldie but goodie. Tell me you are a Miami Vice fan or Magnum PI and I may just propose. 🙂 Morning workouts, afternoons for runs. If I don’t get my workout in early I won’t get it done.. Keeping cool? We DO actually have a pool now.. finally

    1. says:

      Ha ha! The pier technically isn’t in Barcelona, but in Badalona, 2 towns up. Those in the know, know that they can run, walk, cycle, skate from the Barcelona’s W hotel all the way up the coast about 25km or more with only crossing maybe 2 roads.

      Miami Vice and Magum PI I was much too young for. My sister was more into Dallas, Dynasty and Starky and Hutch, but I don’t remember them. I wasn’t allowed to watch much TV, but was allowed to watch with my dad and brother, The A-Team, Baywatch and the Saturday night movie.

      Glad you got a pool (paddle? That’s what we call inflatable pools in the UK) for the girls to play in! I too have to get workouts done in the morning, okay, runs in the morning, workouts usually end up being early afternoon!

  2. says:

    That water. I can’t believe the colour. Pier running must be the best.
    I think I’m an evening workout person. I’m no morning person or the jump out of bed type at all.

    1. says:

      The pier at the moment provides welcome relief from the heat. I want it to extend out to sea for half my set distance then back. It’s like running in outdoor air conditioning!

      I’d love to say I’m a morning workout person. Runs, yes, workouts, more early afternoon! xoxo

  3. says:

    Morning runs, for sure! It’s cooler, you see more animals, and you get your day off to a great start! In the winter I tend to run in the late afternoon (too dark in the mornings here), but I love my spring/summer/early fall morning runs. 🙂

    1. says:

      Morning runs yes! Workouts I’d love to say morning, but it always ends up early afternoon! I bet early morning runs where you live are amazing! 🙂

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