I had wanted to post this last night, but my eyes were getting so heavy, I was falling asleep writing! Don’t you just love that when it happens!

Big day today…I’ve been given the okay to try running!

Despite my ankle being a little sore earlier in the week, falling off the motorbike and having tightness every now and then in the left knee, the osteopath said okay on Wednesday to try running. Not far, just to see how my body reacts afterwards. It’s not always when you’re doing something that obvious damage is done. A lot of the time, signs appear later. I was told everything is a lot more stable, however no jumping, burpees just yet. Which is good as my feet were a little tingly after Thursdays workout and I have to be in the right frame of mind. I feel a lot stronger and can walk faster after a few initial niggles.

Thursday Workout.
Thursday Workout.

Wednesday I finally got my hair cut after five months! What?! Five months?! Shame on me! There are various excuses for this…I normally wait until the end of summer after all the salt water, suncream and sweat and I’m not that keen on going to the hairdressers. My hair is fine, grows slowly and they always seem to cut it short, despite me saying I’m growing it! This time, the lady had fine hair herself so she understood our hair woes. My hair definitely feels and looks healthier!

On Osteopath days and for 24 hours later, no workouts are allowed as the body needs to repair and do it’s thing from the treatment, but I did sneak in a 5km pre dinner walk with my guy (5km added to Tone It Up’s #100byHalloween!). He’d also went to see the osteopath, as he’s been standing cooking for about 14 hours a day for about 5 months. He had to take it easy for 48 hours. Saturday’s run will both our first run in quite a while. I’m excited, but reserved. I don’t want to over do it and be out for longer. It’ll be interesting to see how much lung capacity (VO2 intake) I have after hardly any cardio for a month. I have biked a few times, but it’s not as taxing as running and I haven’t exactly raced my bike!

Evening Walk. Cap d'Antibes
Evening Walk. Cap d’Antibes

Even though my feet were a little tingly after Thursday workout, I felt okay for a bike ride later. I got to try out my new bike bag that velcros onto the handle bars. It’s big enough for a 500ml water bottle, phone, keys and purse. €13 from Decathlon and I’m looking forward to trying it out in the park soon.

Friday I was able to pick up the workout pace a little with mountain climbers in preparation for run day. My ankle and knee were fine with just a little itching, so fingers crossed I’ll be okay! I’ve picked out a flat route and will play around with paces.


Friday, afternoon was spent in Nice…Yah! I hadn’t been for nearly 2 months and a bit of civilisation was good! I was a little disappointed though. Like Cap3000 Mall, prices have gone up and quality down and the sizes….catering for MacDonald’s diets? Where do petite girls shop now?! Please shout if you know?! I did get a body warmer/gilet/sleeveless duvet/puffer jacket from Hollister (that doesn’t scream teens!). I’ve always wanted one for those not warm enough for winter coat and a little chilly for autumn jacket days! I saw lots of gorgeous boots, but I’m still waiting for the in soles 🙁 I think a trip to London may be needed….battering eye lashes!

Just a pink bird logo. Thankfully no Hollister sprawled across the back!
Just a pink bird logo. Thankfully no Hollister sprawled across the back!

I’m taking part in Tone It Up’s Frisky Fall Challenge, so my Instagram will be just a little chocker (6 weeks!) of collage check ins! Here though are my favourite photos this week:

Mondays sunrise.
IMG_8207 Wednesdays dawn. Colours are beginning to change IMG_8243

Wednesday’s walk find. All along the pavement/sidewalk are ‘Stop Littering, Protect the Sea’ stencils.
IMG_8277Thursdays Sunrise.
IMG_8288Thursdays bike ride. Autumn/Fall is on it’s way.
IMG_8307I’ll just park my pistachio Vespa next to my pistachio Jaguar!
IMG_8314Has anyone else noticed changes in clothes quality and prices? If you’re petite where do you shop? Have a great weekend!

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