1 Step Forward, 2 Steps……

I did it! My first run in four and half weeks after injury!IMG_8346

Only 3km on Saturday, but it was enough to start. I warmed up three times around the block, walking and jogging until I felt ‘Okay, lets do this’. I had to walk a few times (left knee and ankle), but I felt okay. I could definitely feel my hip flexors working, something I’ve never felt running before! I thought ‘Ah, the knees gonna go!’ at the end so rather than just stop, I walked it out and boy were the legs shaking! Later on I had slight sore, itchy knees and a few twinges, but nothing like a few weeks ago. Sunday I could my quads, but I had expected this and happy just to have DOMS rather than uh oh something not’s right ache.

A juicer, smoothie maker, citrus press and a jet engine in one!
A juicer, smoothie maker, citrus press and a jet engine in one!

We had hoped in the afternoon to look around Eze, but never made it so decided we’d go Sunday. The property manager called to come round at the time we planned to run and my guy had purchased a juicer (he’s keen to juice after watching Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and listening to Bill Burr!) so it was juice experiment time! For some fresh air we went for walk along Cagnes Sur Mer promenade. It’s amazing, literally 8km up the coast attitudes change, the town is more active (people running, roller blading, cycling) and there’s life. Saying that, the old town on the hill is sleepy. We found an amazing smelling wood fired pizza restaurant to try later.

Gingerbread Church?
Gingerbread Church?

I had fun with these totem poles along the promenade. You can spin each block making your own totem. The little boy behind us didn’t like my arrangement and set them straight again!

I took advantage of the sun Sunday for a bike ride only to end up getting caught in a thunderstorm! I thought I could out cycle it. Nope!


No Eze either as the sky turned black. It doesn’t matter how many water proof layers you wear on a motorbike when it’s raining, you still end up wet! Mostly the hands, feet and neck. When the rain cleared we went for a late afternoon walk in the park. All the cidadas have gone, very few runners and just a few dragon flies. Autumn is definitely starting. My hibiscus isn’t having any of it as it flowered over night!IMG_8389IMG_8366Monday’s workout was the first in a while that my knees didn’t itch and the ankle felt strong enough for kettle bell swings (I could have gone higher than 5kg, but am playing safe) and single leg work for stability. After work I felt okay to try a 4km run, but only managed 2km. The tendon wasn’t having any of it! Next time, I run, it’ll have to be just a run and no workout earlier in the day until the ankle is fine running. I guess you only learn by trail and error in the deep end!


Do you juice? If so what are your favourite juices, I’d love to know!

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