Checking, Checking, Reality

Every so often we need a reality check. One that makes us realise we haven’t got it all that bad.IMG_0559

Last week again for some reason I just haven’t been able to get a good routine going. Maybe it’s the cold, the wet or the shorter days. Whatever it is, it’s made me feel tiresome and out of balance. The news Saturday made me feel very humble. One side of the world was fighting over reduced TVs. On the other side they were fleeing war with just what they had on their backs. I haven’t got it bad at all. I very fortunate to be in the situation that I’m in. I do what I can to help others, especially animals (I used to volunteer at an animal shelter in Barcelona and am looking forward to when I can volunteer again) and the environment. When I’m in a situation to help more I will. I have a roof over my head, food in the fridge, surround with love and dreams that with effort can happen. Not everyone has this. I try to live within my means and every now and then feel guilty for wanting to better my life, work and current situation. I guess that’s what you get for having a conscience. On the flip side as someone said to me this week, you can help others on the way up as you go on the way up. Just keep on foot on the ground!

This week hasn’t been all inner turmoil. I’ve upped considerably the intensity of my workouts. I’ve been itching to for a few weeks and Monday just thought, what the heck! I’m glad I did! I feel stronger and have more energy (apart from the evening I crashed, but I knew one evening I would). Planks to sumo squats might just top my love of burpees! It feels so good to fly through them again!IMG_0636

My running has surprised me this week and 10km again by Christmas is looking good with a 9km run Wednesday. I felt fine apart from slight knee complaints and my pace is faster than pre injury, with my VO2 max level back up. As the intensity of both running and workouts have increased this week, so have the ankle parties! This time, I was savvy and had expected the achillies and other ankle tendons to have a few evening parties. Lots of post workout massaging is helping and fortunately the recovery parties aren’t so wild! I’m noticing I can do more yoga poses which means I can switch up my 10-15 minute evening yoga flows. That’s all the knee take for now!

Sunny skies for 9km! I’d have a quicker pace if I didn’t keep stopping for photos! IMG_0604IMG_0602The effect the cold weather has on the light has made for some amazing afternoon bike rides. Every day has been different.

IMG_0578IMG_0594IMG_0639Wednesday’s ride turned into a night ride with a twist. Paul ran and I biked around Antibes Le Fort-Carre!IMG_0627Christmas has been in the air this week with the Christmas lights finally switched on. Nice’s Christmas market was being set up Thursday along with a Christmas tree carousel. I’m looking forward to having a ride in the big wheel again this year. Palm trees coming into Antibes from the sea road are looking very dapper all sparkled up!IMG_0653IMG_0655

These two have only been interested in the birds outside, using the sofa as a paw rest and wanting more food. Bird watching must be hungry work!IMG_0675IMG_9654Christmas lights always make me smile, especially the houses that go all out! Do you think show off, wow or ‘how much is his electricity bill’?! How do you keep yourself from being swept away from reality?


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