Run Free Cabin Fever

With a few crazy weekends ahead, this weekend was one of those catch up at home ones. That doesn’t mean it was a boring one!IMG_0657

Fridays morning run turned into a midday one. That was just the way the day was going! It was a good speedy 6.5km at the same pace as Paul’s not so good run! He usually has Fridays off in the winter as there’s just a skeleton crew on board to cook for.IMG_0658

After afternoon chores and researching ideas for my next craft/art project we just made it the park before dark. We’d watched the night before Hansel and Gretal: Witch Hunters so maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to go at dusk! If you want to be just entertained and not think too much, it’s a good movie to watch! We got back the motorbike just before the Park Official locked the gate. Luckily he waited for us to get changed back into bike gear (i.e. add more layers!) other wise it would have been off road riding through the bushes. Not that Paul would have minded!IMG_0678 IMG_0683

The park was freezing and hot food was in order! A great British winter favourite, jacket potato and baked beans with a twist of avocado hit the spot. I can’t remember the last time I had jacket potato and baked beans!IMG_0685

Saturday we were mostly housebound due to the weather. And yes, cabin fever set in! Grey skies, rain and wind all day. Not ideal motorbike weather. I don’t think anyone ventured out unless they had to. We had to in the late afternoon as the fridge was running low. Luckily the rain had eased up by then.IMG_0695

I was in a better mood after my workout. It’s true what they say, ‘You’re only a workout away from a good mood’. Plank to sumo squats, single leg deadlifts with a fly, medicine ball shuffle press ups in the mixIMG_0693

Being stuck inside most of the day meant I had no excuses not to start my next art/craft project. I’ve decided this year to make a few Christmas presents for my sister and girlfriends. Whether they’ll like them is another story!

Sunday the sun came out. Yay! You wouldn’t have thought the day before had been all rain and wind. I was meeting friends for coffee so had saved my short run for today. 5km turned into 6km as I was feeling free after being cooped up the day before! IMG_0710Hello Handsome! Saying hello after running.IMG_0720

We wanted to sit outside to take advantage of the sunny day. So did everyone else. When we finally found a cafe with space outside, the sun had moved. The streets in the old town are narrow and don’t get much direct sunlight in the winter. Sunshine or no sunshine, we had a good time catching up!IMG_0727

I sneaked in a bike ride before going home. Paul wanted some fresh air so we went for walk around the port along what the French call Millionaires Quay. Any given time of the year there are super yachts docked, hence it’s name. We’ve never been all around the port and ended up climbing over rocks to the lighthouse.IMG_0748IMG_0751His and Her advent calendars also started on Sunday! Never too old for a chocolate advent calendar!


All the changes in temperature from being indoors to outdoors and wearing extra layers has made my eczema return and it’s driving me crazy! This time it’s bad, the worst it’s ever been. Any remedies and advice to help ease the itch are much appreciated! I’ve tried aloe vera, honey and mix of the two, cocoa butter and Burts Bee Nourishing Oil. Honey is the best, but it’s messy. Help!

What’s your quick and easy to make cold weather warm up dish? Do you get cabin fever if kept cooped up for too long?

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    I love making soups in the slow cooker to warm up! Actually I need to fire it up sometime this week…it’s supposed to get chilly again! Today the highs are in the 70s…crazy but I’m enjoying it!! Have a great week!

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