Sunset Run

The weather here has a case of the Mondays. Perfect weather for ducks with rainstorms predicted for most of the week ahead.

No plans made this weekend apart from to make plans, so in other words low key.

Friday I overslept and had to sweat out a run in the morning sun. Luckily the route had some shade and breeze, otherwise I’d have melted to the pavement. It’s easy to see why school broke up two weeks ago for 3 months. There’s no way kids can concentrate when it’s so hot.

Always a breeze at the endIMG_1021

Out shopping Friday, we decided to grab dinner out and picked a nearby vegetarian restaurant to try. I can’t remember it’s name, only that I own’t be going back. I don’t like waste and I could only eat half the veggie burger, so that’s saying something.

Walking back we found a new to us Asian supermarket filled with kombucha, different coconut water, peanut oil and other delights. It’s the first place I’ve seen kombucha in the city and reasonably priced, so I know I’m going to be getting my daily probiotic fix to help my tummy run smoothly. Plus it has bubbles and who doesn’t like bubbles!IMG_1095

Saturday, a home day. Workout, tidy up, beach and arriving at the shops an hour before they close. Too much fun at the beach to be had than shopping.

Played a game of switcharoo Sunday. Yoga in the morning which was more than welcome to feel put back together after a few days of no practice and late nights. I always notice when I don’t felt my yoga fix.

When I’d finished wresting fixing a top and catching some cloudy rays (don’t judge, it’s the weekend) it was time to run. And what a run. I always find running in the evenings easier as my muscles are naturally warmed up. Paul had already ran 14km and a bit of competition never hurts. Initially I set off for 10km, then 11km before settling on 12km. I usually stick to 10km and I definitely felt the extra 2km coming back! It’s good for me to get out of my comfort zone every now and then to switch things up. It keeps things fresh and stops plateauing. Looking forward to coming back to a delicious fresh pineapple juice waiting for me in the fridge thanks to Paul helps too.IMG_1130

2nd ever 12km requires a lift selfie.IMG_1164

Post run stretch normally involves a little yoga. Pigeon pose helps offset tight hips flexors from that extra 2km. I did the usual follow through mermaid pose and the usual lets see if my toes decide to touch my head. I was feeling it, went with it with both the left and right toes touch my head. To say I was happy was an understatement. It’s taken 4 years since my first ever Tara Stiles video to do and the journey’s not over yet. In the meantime I’ll take my victories and accomplishments when I find them.

And yes, it has to be documented! Please excuse the clutter. Still waiting for furniture to arrive.IMG_1159

Step outside your comfort zone, push yourself to go further. You might just surprise yourself. Go get ’em tiger!





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    You see – you totally have the toned arms and shoulders for vest/tank tops – amazing definition, I’m sooooo jealous, go you, you look great and the rainbow image is amazing. Good to hear and see you smiling 🙂 xxx

    1. says:

      Thank you! They weren’t alway like that, it takes lots of flys, resistance bank flies, planks and press to get them! And rainbows are always welcome !

      1. says:

        I read your reply early this morning and whilst half asleep I pictured u running up wooden planks and flies all over you – I then actually twigged and realised what you meant, note to self, don’t read comments whilst waking up LOL 🙂 xxx

      2. says:

        Ha ha! That half awake vision! I do run the broadwalk, does that count?!

      3. says:

        I think it does, half awake or not 🙂

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