Weekend Friday Favourites

Is it really the weekend? Can I tidy up the trail of destruction left from running around and playing with logistics all week? And tackle the 200 mostly junk and petition emails since Wednesday?

Weekend Friday Favourites. A Friday post, but things happen like a rare Friday end of week I’m having an ice cold beer on the balcony, but you’re such a lightweight, it makes you sleepy and you sleep for about 10 hours. Next week for now is looking looking more balanced. That’s if people don’t find more loopholes in 24 hour cancellation policies. Another thing they don’t tell you about being a trainer, but should know. How to deal with cancellations, enforcing the 24 hour cancellation charge policy and what in what circumstances the charge can slide.

Anyways, Weekend Friday Favourites, things that have been making me smile this week or caught my eye. Not a whinge list, like cancellation policies or that photos this week haven’t been clear or in focus! I kept knocking my camera this week by accident in-between manual, speed and programme shutters still thinking it’s in manual aperture shutter (how can you do that? It’s labelled clearly, Auto, P, A, S, M? Because it’s me). Some have come out okay, ones in auto have been better. Add photography lessons to do list. That list never stops growing.

Aj and DAj and Kongs refillable catnip duck toyDiesel. Cat decor, living art

I recently got them some new toys. I figured they must be bored with their old ones and need new stimuli. Some they’ve taken too, others they must be thinking why is she suddenly playing with us. Can’t she retrieve lost balls from under the sofa we like better? Kong’s duck cat nip refillable toy was a hit. Was as now they ignore it when I get it out to play. I think it’s needs refilling after one play. Aj slobbers over catnip like you wouldn’t believe. I think they prefer the Kickeroo better. D’s been showing me how to decorate with cats. It’s easy, become living art.

Oxford University/Union Taylor Swift Plea

Oxford Universtiy would like Taylor Swift to visit and give a talk. To get her attention: a smash up of former speakers to Shake It Up. Cheesy but fun!

Friday’s Workout Up DoWorkout Up do

Sweat isn’t kind to long hair! Now my hair is longer and it’s hot, it needs to be up in a bun of some sort to keep it more sweat free. Pony tails aren’t working and whip too much, so I’ve been experimenting with easy bird nest buns. This one didn’t budge!

Beach after Physio ThursdayBeach time!

Sunshine! After my phsyio appointment Thursday, I snuck away enjoy some mid afternoon sun. I usually get the beach later so it was nice to enjoy a mostly cloud, wind free hot afternoon and study!

Tone It Up Wrap BraceletsTone It Up Wrap Bracelets

I couldn’t resist and they’re were on offer, so it kinda makes it okay to get 2! I have already the blue/black and white/gold versions. They’ve been brightening up outfits this week!

Red Panda and Bear at the zoo

The red panda was one of the ‘mistake’ photos, that came out okay thank to it’s vintage feel. Others didn’t come out so good. The bear was before I realised a few days later the mistake. He was enjoying the last of the afternoon sun!Red Panda, Barcelona ZooBear, Barcelona Zoo

Suspension Trainer/TRX hamstring curlsTRX-suspension-training-3

Hamstring curls with a fit ball are burn enough. With a suspension trainer, they burn so much more. Keeping hips elevated, feet level is more of a challenge!

Internet Finds

Spanish town abandons bull fight for school books

How the rubber industry can help save rainforests

These I found while actually reading some Twitter posts for once, Pamela Andersons retweet on 53 year old vegan, rocker, tri-athlete, John Joseph which lead me to 15 top vegan bodybuilders and athletes. Plants rule, okay!

What’s been making you smile this week? Have a great weekend!

TRX hamstring curl image taken from Google images



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    I love your updo for the gym. Nothing like a fun, messy bun. Those TRX hamstring curls look like great. Gotta try those.

    1. says:

      Thank you! Some messy up dos work, others are just that, messy!

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