Friday Favs On A Sunday

This was to be posted, Friday, then Saturday and now sometime before Monday. Going out two nights in a row, then feeling the effects off going out two nights in a row, not that I drank and not being used to going out two nights kinda put everything in a spin. Thursday, concert, Friday improntu dinner, 2 days without yoga (no practice and I feel it the next day) and Saturday, no idea where that day went, but that’s life.

Anyways, Friday Favs on a Sunday,

Jamie CullumIMG_8465

Paul found out Jamie Cullum was playing in Poble Espanya and asked if I wanted to go. Initially I wasn’t keen as the few songs I have heard of his are the slower, easy listening ones and I prefer something I can shake it to. Live, he’s amazing. 2 hour set, no play list, just what him and the band are feeling, jazz, beatbox, Rihanna’s Please Don’t Stop The Music and Radiohead covers. I’d like to think I did my Grandpa proud going. Every week he went to his jazz club. I would have loved to have gone with him, unfortunately I was too young.


After dinner Friday, an new to us Asian supermarket was still open, so what do you do? Go in and flip out they have kombucha. And with a variety of flavours! France we could only find 1, here (Barcelona) 7 flavours in 330ml with 4 of them 1.5L. 1.5L of kombucha pop.

Tank Tops

As much as I love skinny strappy cami tops, this summer I’m gravitating towards tank tops (but not racer backs. Does anyone else find they fall down at the front?). They balance out my shoulders and maybe it’s my age, but I don’t always like my bra straps out. I feel I should at least look put together while my hair does it’s own thing.

AJ and DDIMG_8118 IMG_8115

Aj’s been full of attitude this week and D’s been relentless in getting breakfast early. It’s annoying, but you have to admire his tactics.

Solar Powered Hot Water

After a routine building boiler and solar panel inspection we found that in the summer months we don’t need to switch on our boiler thanks to solar panels and level of our apartment. That makes me happy apart from cloudy days.


I’ve been using my variation of the Valslides for a few years and recently have been adding slides back in to my workouts. The Valsides I have got unfortunately are for carpet only (They scratch wooden floors, I’ve tried.), but that’s nothing rags or paper plates won’t fix. Enter an old pillowcase cut up. Every time I use them, I remind myself to cut them down as they have a tendency to bunch up. Every time I forget and remind myself to try paper plates.

My favourite exercise with them this week: plank position with slides under toes, slides legs in for an abs tuck, slide back out to plank, perform a press up, repeat.

Badalona PierIMG_1039

I’m getting better at my walkways over water hang up. I’ve ran it twice this week with minimal freak out if I don’t look down at the gaps between the planks.

Frostie The Snow Goat

Sadly Frostie the Snow Goat unexpectedly past away last week from unforeseen circumstances. The little guy was full of life however sadly his body couldn’t keep up with his determination to beat the odds. Please check out Edgar’s Mission for the amazing work Frostie’s sanctuary does.

I hope you’re having great weekend! Next week I’m a new schedule and have every finger and toes crossed that the furniture finally arrives. 2 months is a long time for the cats without a sofa cat bed.

What’s been your favourite things recently? Don’t you love it mid shower when the hot water runs out and the cold starts?



  1. says:

    That water looks soooooo inviting especially on a warm day where you are 🙂 hope the furniture comes as expected, although looks like your boys have adapted and overcome the settee situation! I’ve just bought a couple of new running tees – they are air-text type so not bad as the heat was getting too much for me! We shall see, I’m always to embarrassed to expose my arms, not a pretty sight 😉 I hope you have a good week xxxxxx

    1. says:

      Don’t be silly, go and expose your arms! I had to buy an air tex one the other week as the heat got too much. Strange colour combo from Decathlon, but it keeps me cool and covers the chest! Have a great week too! x

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