Weekend Friday Favourites

I hope you’re having a great weekend! A short favourites finds this week. This week’s been a little all over the place hence not having many favourites to share even though last week’s WFF didn’t happen. That said there are quite a few internet finds. So without further ado….

Alley Way Late Afternoon Sun

I think this is in El Born or in the centre. I can’t remember exactly where and I don’t recognise the buildings.

SunriseWhen it hasn’t been a cloudy start, sunrises recently have been pretty.

Pymgy Hippo Backflips

This little guy made me laugh recently at Barcelona Zoo (my sanctuary to escape the crazy and get a greenery fix). He/she was nibbling on the leaves hanging over the fence and then back flipping as much as a hippo can off the side. I think the leaf nibbling was an excuse as a few times no leaf nibbling.

Gorilla Lego Blocks

The zoo’s always coming up with enrichment ideas. These blocks made me smile.

Meerkat Huddle, Barcelona Zoo

Muscles Ups

Realising after my last Spartan Race if you don’t train muscles ups, your upper body is weak when it comes to walls when for previous races you trained muscle ups and were stronger, muscles ups are back. I can clear messily mid forehead height though the next rack up on the rack machine (it has yellow brakes to stop it moving) the bar the next level up, being just shorter that head height, forget it. The next few weeks head height is my goal as that’s what I was clearing pre Spartan Beast last year. I have to jump to pull myself up, but that’s what you do with the wall, run and jump. Maybe in a few years I can jump up to a bar way taller than me and pull myself up. Maybe.

Sandbag Carries/Grip Strength 

These were inspired by Nicky Inge who I follow on Instagram @nickyingenn. She often InstaStories some of her training and I’ve been I wanna try that out! She runs in the Elite Spartans so I want her secrets (I’m happy running  general public in my own time. I need help with those walls. Elite you don’t get help or give help)! One such InstaStories she was doing 40kg medicine ball carries/hugs. My gym doesn’t have medicine balls that heavy but it does have sandbags. 55kg was enough for 3 x 1 minute walkabouts. The weight distribution’s different to a medicine ball so it was easier to grip at the bottom. 44kg medicine ball would have been something else!

Morning Fog Over The Mountains 

It would have been better in focus, however the morning fog’s been pretty around dawn.

Tone It Up Summer Tone Up

The Bikini Series finished a few weeks ago and to keep their community motivated for the summer launching Monday 17th is their Summer Tone Up. A 4 week challenge to give you a little something something for summer. If you’re member you get the 4 week meal plan which I’m going to do my best to stick to. I’m okay until Meal 5 or dinners. Sometimes they happen, sometimes they don’t, if you don’t eat enough your face looses fat and if there’s not much there anyway etc etc. I have a week free of classes due to clients holidays, so I have one week to get a routine and meals down.

Brass and Turquoise Bracelet

I picked this up from Zoo Market, a pop up market I came across a few Saturday’s ago near the zoo and hardly a day’s gone by where I haven’t worn it. Okay a slight lie. When I do wear jewellery as recently the way the days gone no jewellery apart from the pieces I don’t take off.

Internet Finds

Dirty laundry. Are your clothes polluting the ocean? BBC News. This year I’ve been trying to reduce my waste, particularly plastic waste. It’s hard. I knew man made fibres when washed released fibres into the water system but I didn’t know it was around based on a 6kg load, 140,000 polyester fibre blend, nearly 1.2 million polyester fibres and over 700,000 from acrylic fibres are released. This is where being vegan and zero waste clash. In the summer I wear more natural fibres however in the winter I turn to man made to replace wool etc. I can’t win!

What not to do in a disaster. BBC Future

The hidden signs that can reveal a fake photograph. BBC Future. Mostly BBC finds again this week.

The giant undersea rivers we know very little about. BBC Future

Puppy left in airport by abused owner. BBC News. I hope they’ve been reunited.

Rare Siberian tiger ‘selfie’ pictures are released. BBC News

The corner of England where the Stars and Stripes fly high. BBC News. In my home county just down the road!

The town that spilt the world in two. BBC Travel

What’s been making you smile recently? Have a great week!

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