Humidity And The Beach

The humidity’s something else at the moment. If you’re in the wind which hasn’t seemed to had a day off this year you’re okay. In pockets were there’s no air like my gym changing room, in the centre down narrow alley ways the air’s sticky and somewhat still. 

My gym has air conditioning but never freezing. Just a little cooler or warmer than the ambient air temp depending on the season. And at the moment it’s bust. It’s working however the past few days the floor’s been slippy. Any cardio, planks, even when using the suspension trainer on the special functional zone floor I’ve had to use a mat to stop sliding everywhere. Add that everybody’s sweating twice as much it adds even more humidity! By the time I’ve done my warm up I’m dripping. The changing rooms are even worse. There’s 2 fans but the air doesn’t move and try putting on leggings when you’re sweaty from cycling there and wrestling with them in a hot humid changing room. Sometimes I have to take a moment. If it’s an overcast day which I’ve noticed are getting more frequent the last few summers, or at least it’s more cloudier in the mornings and afternoons (climate change perhaps) cycling into the wind with a rucksack is just plain ugh. That breeze you’d get with your t-shirt flowing in the wind doesn’t happen and no amount of breathable packback ventilation works.

Anyways, I hope you’re having a great week! This past weekend and week so far’s been a little all over the place, however I managed to end the weekend in one of my favourite places, the beach!



My legs were heavy for this run with the sea looking enticingly cool. It was later!

Late afternoon beach time before being stuck in the post office for nearly an hour. I wanted to get back early however thanks to the post office and quickly running into the centre for things I couldn’t get earlier in the week, it was another late night back.

I’ve passed El Triangle numerous times and only just noticed the different floor architecture. Some on just the left are Art Deco inspired, the ones under the Fnac sign, modern.


Saturday equals Tone It Up workouts at home rather than my own. I ended up working out way later than I wanted as a wave of go tidy and sort out came over me. I knew if I did it after working out it wouldn’t get done. It felt so good editing out items and get energy flowing again.

I had time for a little beach siesta before just making the zoo gates before closing . It always seems the days I go to the zoo and can only a stay for a little while at the beach, perfect blue skies. When I have longer, clouds.

I ended up Friday not being able to get what I wanted in the centre and had to go back Saturday evening as supplies or coconut water were running low. I was too busy looking at nail polish instead of racing to get coconut water before they closed! So Saturday another late night back, but I managed to get everything I couldn’t during the week.


Sunday kinda disappeared somewhere. The plan was to run early and then head to Castelldefels just outside the city.  I woke up with bad cramp in my left calf with that after feeling of bad cramp hanging around all day. I didn’t want to chance a run so we opted for a bike ride, except we chose or rather I choose el Rio Besos which at the time seemed like a great idea. I usually go up the coast for long bike rides but as you share the path with pedestrians right along the beaches and time was late, the paths would have been chock a block. Neither did I want to cycle the other direction to Montjuic for the same reason, too many people. I got what I wanted, we hardly saw anybody going and when we hit the trails, 4 other people. I think as it was mostly flat, we soon got bored. We stuck it out for 15km before turning around after brief what’s down this road. Add the wind on the way back, I don’t think we’ll take that route again in an hurry. As much as it was nice to see something different, the view’s nicer cycling along the beaches.

After a quick lunch and shall we shan’t we go to Castelldefels vs the city beach, Castelldefels won. We got there with about an hour of sunlight but we didn’t care. That beach has a big kid effect on you. Silky soft sand for miles so it never feels like you’re on top of each other. The water’s quite shallow and there’s nearly always waves to jump which is great if you don’t like getting out your depth much like me. When it comes to going home time, you dawdle, you delay, you don’t want to go (and it’s too late for working on Weekend Friday Favourites).

What type of summer heat do you get? I think I prefer dry and hot. Things dry like washing quicker. With humidity you sweat it out even more and if you’ve oily skin like me you feel like a oil slick constantly. But I’m not complaining too much as I love hot weather!


  1. says:

    This has been an unusual summer here in central Canada as it has been cool and wet, where as in Western Canada it has been hot and dry. There is a lot of wild fires burning there at the moment..

    I don’t mind the rain, as everything is so green and lush. 🙂

  2. says:

    Here it is hot and humid. Ugh! I hate it. I don’t dare going outside, hahaha.

    1. says:

      I know! Thankfully it’s always around 80%. I can’t moan too much. Winter humidity is worse!

  3. says:

    I love my summers dry and hot too. Although I can’t complain about humidity (only my hair does.)

    1. says:

      My hair has always done it’s own thing so humidity is nothing! It’s the greasy, sticky skin feeling I don’t like. But then I’d probably moan if it was hot and dry there’s not humidity!

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