Will Run For Coconuts

I was craving my run this morning. Some days I don’t need much umpf to get out the door, other days it can take 2 coffees and look at the time slipping away. Usually once I’ve laced my trainers I’m good to go. And if that doesn’t work, 5 minutes into, I’m wondering why I didn’t set out earlier.

The air was a little cooler than it has been the past few days. Still hot, but I could definitely notice a slight temperature drop. About a kilometre in I decided thanks to cooler temp and breeze to make it a Fartlek run (same idea as an timed interval run, but you decide the distance and speed of each interval) alternating fast/slow between each block or every other lamp post along the promenade with the last kilometre based on how I felt. I haven’t done any speed work since May due to the heat and Fartlek is a great way to ease back into it. I aiming to get back to my pre injury pace. Today’s pace was a pre injury slow day, but it was 2km longer than pre injury speed work. Then it was about 6km, today 8km. As much as I love hate speed work, I’m looking forward to the challenge.

The cool air at the end of the pier was heaven! IMG_4368I always smile when I see this guy on this route. IMG_4384

I got back to these two sprawled out one to sofa and the usual post run refuel of coconut water and a few medjool dates. Nothing beats the real deal fresh coconut water and Zico is the next best thing we can find. I’m gradually working my way through the different brands that the Asian Supermarkets have here. So far Zico’s the closest tasting to like real coconuts without having to wrestle into one.IMG_4267 IMG_4416

I’m taking advantage of all the back to school promotions around at the moment and stocking up in stationery. I file and organise magazine tear outs of workouts, exercises and workouts I find on the internet (and my stick figures of them) and printable workouts like from Tone It Up in arch lever files and plastic wallets. I could store everything on my lap top or on Pinterest and save some trees in the process, but I like this system. It makes planning workouts easier having ideas available more readily. I sit there going through them like they’re some sort of spell book from conjuring up workouts like the spell book in Charmed. And it’s way past my bedtime. IMG_9777

If you’re a runner, what’s you post run refuel? Do you leave off speed runs in the hotter months? What’s your favourite way of storing magazine tear outs?