A Little Photo Catch Up

So much and so little has happened since my last post. Summer’s just over a week away and the weather just beginning to get hotter. My winter, early spring clothes are all tidied away until October, my summer wardrobe moved for forward. I twisted my ankle running Disafío de Guerreros obstacle race and have a Spartan Super coming up in Andorra in the next few weeks. 

My ankle’s almost healed, about 90-95% capacity. I somehow moved one foot bone out of position which the physio/osteopath put back in place. Lunges are still an issue, ankle extension and flexion I nearly have full range of motion. Balancing’s almost as before tripping over that stone. I never realised how much tendons down running down the outside of your calf and ankle affect something as simple as lunging or squats. I’m back running short distances and running on the sand as I gradually increase the distance. I’ll be walking most of the Super anyway thanks to the terrain and that I’m used to sea level air. It’s a challenge I’m looking forward to probably after I’ve ran it. Most other exercises I’m okay. I know I should rest it more, however I have 2 speeds. All out or sleeping! I was good with the first week, skipping the gym. But I did do modified Studio Tone It Up daily workouts. I’d have gone crazy if I hadn’t of done anything. Thankfully I’ve been able to cycle no probs. It’s amazing how our bodies heal so fast and I’m sure begin a raw vegan, eating my greens helped speed up the healing process immensely.

Less gym means more beach time. To rest my ankle of course 😉

I’ve been working on reducing screen time. Namely YouTube and Netflix. I still get lost YouTube, however I’m better at realising it’s making me antsy or anxious and put it down. I fall asleep anyway. Netflix, I cut out for about a month, reading instead. That break’s been great for my eye and made me realise how much I miss reading books, getting lost in words and imagination. I feel less guilty reading in the evenings with the cats than on my phone with them. I sometimes think they want to swipe the phone off the balcony. I’m currently working my way through Kevin Kwans Crazy Rich Asian‘s trilogy. Which is one big K Drama but set in Singapore and Hong Kong. 

Yes, there’s been zoo visits. Now summer’s almost here, I need my greenery fix as the city’s population increases over the next few months. Baby flamingos grow up fast!

Pigeon a pigeon that may have broken it’s wing. I found it outside a cafe and as it didn’t move when I approached it, I pick it up and carried it a small park close by. It seemed happier spreading out it’s wings. When I passed a few hours later it has gone. No feathers, so either the street cleanser took him or he flew away. IMG_2249

Peace rock out running

I started wearing foundation for the first time in about 5 years. I was fed up of the oiliness as the summer heat starts. I lasted a week before returning to my cushion compact. Just a little translucent powder now on my nose and I’m back to working with the oiliness not against it. Lessen learnt, my skin likes to breathe.

Pigeons resting and bats hanging

This month’s being expensive with a little too much month left. But that’s good. Kinda. I’ve banned myself from buying things apart from if I think my size or item’s going to sell out before the sales start in 2 weeks. That’s the issue. Lots of things might sell out. 

Reflection out cycling

These 2 are doing okay. The vet’s given a new home cooked recipe to try them out on. Finding all the supplements needed is taking way longer than I expected, making a little too much month left and a deciding factor in what’s going to sell out before the sales. They’re worth more than clothes, beauty products. Priorities.

May’s Full Flower Moon

How was your May? Summer or Winter months? I’m Summer!

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