Simple Less Plastic Nail Care Tools Tips

Today I’m sharing with you some easy recycling less nail care tool tips. One of which I’ve been using for years only realising recently it’s plastic free!

Quite a few of the items below I purchased before I started wanting to reduce my plastic waste, so some contain plastic. I try with nail care tools to get the best quality I can afford as in the long term I know they’ll last longer. That’s until I leave them to soak in hot water sterilising and forget to take them out for a day. Rust anyone?! A bit of cleaning alcohol and a cloth to clean them if you’re the only one who used them, is enough to keep them in good condition and you’re good.

Glass Nail File

I’ve been using glass nail files for years. Only when my last one broke, dropping it on the floor 1 week after purchase (clever girl), looking for a replacement I realised it’s plastic free. Not the packaging however, long term it’s plastic free. It can take a few to find one with the right amount of filing grit (or replacing after smashing). The one that broke was okay to use, I got fed up at the reduced filing size. This one by Laline is the right size and has the right amount of grit. If I break this one, I should have a decent size file afterwards it’s so big! Oh, it also files well. Bonus for packaging, it came in a plastic sleeve only which is great for storage.

Metal Nail Nipper

Again, plastic packaging on purchase however if you find good quality one, it should last ages. I’ve had this one by Tweezerman for about 3-4 years and it’s still going strong. I know the plastic handle will be an issue later, however I’m not replacing everything for a plastic free option when what I have works fine at the moment. The replacement will be a Tweezerman metal clipper like these.

Metal Cuticle Nippers

These are by a Spanish brand 3 Claveles, a brand I know’s good quality. They have several price ranges, I opted for the middle range. Like many beauty products the packaging was plastic, with it being usually excessive. I knew however they’d been good having previously had a pair by them (how I learnt about the rust). These trim cuticles nice and sharply (plus dead skin. Nice Nat!) and are easy to use with the ‘other hand’. In hot weather, it can be more tricky to use as the metal’s so smooth to get a grip. 

Foot File

Okay, this is mostly plastic. However I’ve had this for about 2-3 years and it’s hardly show wear. I do my nails about every 2 weeks, wash and dry it after use and there’s no sign of the the paper coming away. That’s what I like about Tweezerman, is that they’re good quality products that last with this foot file being no exception. I’ve tried metal foot files and haven’t got on with them, so I’m hoping by the time this needs replacing there’ll be a better plastic free option.

Nail Cleaner

I got 2 of these free with an order a few years ago. One broke (the plastic came away when I soaked it with the cuticle cutters) with the metal part being too small to use. If you can, choose metal as you know they’ll last. This is another Tweezerman so that’s why it’s lasted so long. No hot water near these. Updated, plastic free ones can be found here.

Nail Buffer and Nail Polish

I have the most difficulty finding zero waste or less plastic friendly options nail buffer and polish. Nail Polish I know I can get less crap ingredient filled polishes. I prefer to try nail polishes in person. Shopping online you can’t always get a good idea of colour, so I opt for animal friendly brands such as NYX.

If anyone knows a good alternative to plastic nail buffers, please let me know in the comments below! I’m currently using Tweezerman’s Neon 4 in 1 File, Buff, Smooth and Shine Block that allows me to peel off one side of a cube replacing it with another depending on the buffing stage. I’ve had it for about 2 years and I’m nearly out of the replacement buffer strips. Having clear nail polish or any nail polish on my fingernails make them feel heavy. My toes, they love colour!

DIY your nails or salon manicure and pedicure? I’d love to get my nails done at a salon. It’s more economical I do them myself.

Please excuse the ‘bluetack’ in the photos. I didn’t realise until editing it was there from holding in place beauty products for further posts. It looked even more obvious if I blurred it out. Rookie!