3 Zero Waste Laundry Ideas

I’ve got 3 great zero waste or less plastic laundry ideas to share with you today! Most are pretty inexpensive or inexpensive in the long run as you’re saving on not buying plastic that will break in the future. Plus all are easy recyclable!

I’ve been on a zero waste or recycling less especially recycling less and using less plastic journey for a little under year now. I know I’ve never going to be 100% zero waste, I’m making changes when I can and replacing items with non plastic option when needed. I’m not going out buying all non plastic, zero waste alternatives when the current item is still okay. Food packaging is still my number 1 plastic consumption. Plastic food packaging is so hard to avoid. My love of all things cruelty free skincare is also another major plastic headache. When I can I choose the less or no plastic option, like I have with my laundry.

Wood Clothes Pegs

Only plastic packaging on these is the cellophane wrap they come in. Being wood they should last for years rather than 1-2 years like my current plastic pegs. The sun loves to break down plastic and not to mention I loose so many off the balcony. I got these from my local supermarket Alcampo (French Achan) and are actually half the price cheaper than their plastic counterparts. 70c for 24! So if they find their way off the balcony it’s not so expensive to replace them either.

Metal Hanging Peg Basket

I did initially looked for a substitute around the house for the previous plastic peg basket that disintegrated in the sun before buying these, but was unable to find one. Okay, these are starting to rust slightly after 10 months being outside, they’re lasting way longer than any previous plastic peg baskets. They’re more expensive, I think I paid about €6-7 for each and I had to get 2 as they’re smaller but they should last a lot longer. They also have drainage holes which is great for when it rains.

Wood Clothes Hangers

My wooden hanger collection I’ve built up over the years. Plastic hangers may be appealing in price, but they’re not very kind to your clothes. Wooden hangers are. They hold clothes shape better and don’t break. I think a few I have are bamboo and the rest wood, but they do the same job fine. They are more expensive, about €4-5 for 6 hangers compared to 99c for 3 plastic hangers, however they’ll last you a lifetime, are kinder to your clothes and give your wardrobe some style when you open it. Just be sure to check the finish on them before buying for spilts, roughness etc that may catch on clothes. Also check the joints and any nails are all okay and not sticking out before buying and you’re good! Eco sustainable wood hangers (and pegs) would be better, as I’m not sure on the wood source, however most supermarkets sell standard wood hangers! 

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Do you have any zero waste laundry ideas? Please share in the comments below!


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