Recycle Less: The Irony of Shopping Local and The Case of Paper Parcel Tape

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Welcome back to another Recycle Less where I share my journey to care for the environment and Planet Earth by being more sustainable.

It’s common knowledge that shopping local saves on emissions and energy in delivery from ordering online to you door and/or travelling further to afield for purchases. In return these emissions contribute in theory less against climate change. Money spent is also kept in the local economy. Not to mention either how many courier companies are overwhelmed with deliveries, how much abuse they get if items are delivered by said time and date.

I live in my eyes one of the best cities in the world for shopping or rather what I want from stores and shops, Barcelona. I can get nearly everything I need aside from cinnamon and raisin bagels. Good bagels are non existent here. I often shop in the city centre yet I find it’s in my local Centro Comercial (mall or shopping centre) I buy most clothes, shoes. If I’m honest I don’t shop much online for clothes. I’m old school. I prefer to look, touch the item in person. The centre has a few specific shops which I go to at least once a week, yet my local mall I can find most things I looking for or it’s perfect for returns. While I cycle as transport which is zero emissions aside from oil every now and then, looking at it the centre it’s local as it’s 25 min bike ride. If you’re really getting into the nitty gritty of what’s local my local Centre Comercial is a 5 min bike ride. I just seem to find what I’m looking for more in the local mall. Maybe as I have more time to look around as I don’t have to cycle back so far. 

When I visited my parents last year in the UK, my Mum and I went to a few local larger towns yet it it was the tiny rural Somerset town a 5 minute car journey from their house where I found the most things I was looking for. The shops combined excluding the supermarkets would probably fit into 1/4 if not less than my local mall and it’s not a large mall by mall standards here. They’d even fit combined into the superstore supermarket there! The shops themselves were basic compared to their larger town and cities counterparts. I got a few bits for my Dad and got a kick out of the local post office. 

Weekend Friday Favourites

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I hope you’re having a great weekend! I can’t believe tomorrow is the 1st of June. May flew by compared to March and April. Don’t waste time by not doing things you want to do! 

This week’s Weekend Friday Favourites is short and sweet. My world is slowly getting little bigger now we’re allowed out for time slotted exercise, it’s still tiny compared to pre March. Pre March I was around people almost daily. For the past 14 weeks I’ve spoke to so few people in person I’m conscious of over talking too much when I do. Anyways, things that have made me smile or caught my eye this week. 

Orange Juice 

Aside from water one thing I start to crave daily as it gets hotter is a glass of cold orange juice. While I don’t like eating oranges I love orange juice. There’s something about a cold glass of orange juice that helps quench thirst, gives a boost thanks to its natural sugars, making you feel refreshed all at once. 


I couldn’t handle the cuteness this week in Parc de la Ciutadella. Where I usually see turtles hanging out sunbathing, a family of baby ducklings were huddled tomando sol with Mama close by. I’d seen her earlier in the week out with her chicks and hoping she hasn’t lost one.

Beauty Finds: Hair Care Bars Part 2

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Welcome to another Beauty Finds: Hair Care Bars Part 2! As some you may know I’m trying to reduce my plastic consumption. I’ve always said beauty products after food are the the hardest plastic area for me to reduce. Thankfully with hair care, it’s getting easier to go plastic free with solid shampoo and conditioner bars! However just like their liquid counterparts it takes many frogs to find the right ones.

I’ve found some bars might contain too much sulphate that make my fine hair go crazy frizzy. Nobody wants that! I also feel sometimes the ingredients are a little more concentrated being in a bar. Just like with all my beauty products I always go for cruelty free products, vegan a bonus. I prefer natural clean products and try to avoid nasty ingredients such as parabens, petrochemical ingredients and its derivatives, SLS etc. I avoid palm oil if I can as I prefer orangutangs. I’m not perfect, some nasty ingredients slip through as I sped read the label, or it’s a derivatives or an alias I’m not familiar with. With make up I opt for cruelty free, clean as possible ingredients however it’s harder with make up than skincare to avoid the crap free ingredients. My skin type is oily, combo, sensitive, acne and needs all the help it can get with anti aging. My hair type is fine, gets greasy quickly and is prone to damage even though I don’t colour it or use any heat treatments on it. I often get OWay rebuilding treatment

One thing I have noticed with solid shampoo and conditioners is the price. It’s a lot kinder to the bank balance. Depending on the size they also last longer. This I find interesting as many natural liquid shampoos and conditioners cost almost 3-5 times or more the price of a bar.

Solito Herbal Solid Shampoo. Neutral For All Hair Types 

This did what it said, neutral for all hair types. I was sad when it had it’s last lather. It kept my hair happy and shiny in 3 countries with 3 different climates. It left it feeing clean, happy, a little shiny. It’s scent didn’t really smell, it lathered nicely, it was a great everyday shampoo. I would repeat buy however:

It contains propylene glycol, petrochemical derived. I’ll admit I over looked it at the time as the previous solid shampoo bars made my hair a little crazy

3 Zero Waste Laundry Ideas

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I’ve got 3 great zero waste or less plastic laundry ideas to share with you today! Most are pretty inexpensive or inexpensive in the long run as you’re saving on not buying plastic that will break in the future. Plus all are easy recyclable!

I’ve been on a zero waste or recycling less especially recycling less and using less plastic journey for a little under year now. I know I’ve never going to be 100% zero waste, I’m making changes when I can and replacing items with non plastic option when needed. I’m not going out buying all non plastic, zero waste alternatives when the current item is still okay. 

Recycle Less Update #4

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Earlier this year after watching zero waste videos on YouTube I decided to start reducing my ‘waste’ by recycling less. Notably my plastic waste, having less items in general and start shopping more consciously. I know I’ll never be 100% zero waste and after making good strides for a few months, I’ve kinda hit a stand still. And it’s a little disheartening. I was doing so well!

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Plastic seems unavoidable no matter how much I try to avoid it. Namely packaging. Food, cosmetics, internet shopping, even razor blades for my safety razor that are meant to reduce the plastic, the cats medicine comes packed in plastic. At times it’s money based. Do I order online cheaper